The Years of Our Lord: A Political Drama Written and Directed by Jason Kendall Moore

Aug 17 2017 / 8:04 pm
The Years of our Lord, performed by Jason Kendall Moore and María Angélica Luzzi. (Photo: Supplied)

The Years of our Lord was performed by Jason Kendall Moore and María Angélica Luzzi in Los Andes, Chile, in December 2016. The scenes are presented in reverse chronological order: 2002 during the siege of Bethlehem, 1969 during Allende’s presidential campaign, and 1936 during the Palestinian revolt against Jewish immigration. They are linked together by various theatrical devices as well as excerpts from Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater.

Review by Ramzy Baroud

Scholars continue to debate the extent to which western imperialism is to blame for the suffering endured by generations of Palestinians. Some portray it as the central factor while others dwell on religious and cultural issues. There are nearly as many explanations for the conflict in the holy land as there are those who write about it, and no single account is comprehensive. The same is true of The Years of our Lord, though as a play it enjoys the opportunity to go beyond the scope of traditional research, and its multi-faceted nature is noteworthy for pedagogic as well as artistic reasons. The dialogue sparkles as the characters debate the morality as well as the utility of their small roles in the Palestinian liberation struggle, striking chords that are immensely human and, above all else, stage-worthy.

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