UK Committee to Investigate Israeli Embassy Scandal (VIDEOS)

Jan 29 2017 / 10:37 pm
(Photo: Al Jazeera video grab, via Twitter)

A committee of UK parliamentarians plans to investigate a scandal surrounding an Israeli diplomat who was caught promising to “take down” Britain’s foreign office minister in an Al Jazeera investigation.

The parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee intends to examine evidence that the Israeli embassy in London, through senior political officer Shai Masot, attempted to interfere in British politics in order to shape the country’s policy towards Israel-Palestine.

“The Government may have formally closed the issue of Shai Masot, but we intend to look into the way foreign states seek to influence UK policy,” said committee chairman and Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, as reported by local media.

The Lobby, Al Jazeera’s six-month investigation, exposed Masot’s plans to manufacture a scandal and “take down” Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan.

The Lobby also uncovered Israel’s extensive, well-financed propaganda campaign in the UK to counter negative news stories about its policies and to fund trips to Israel for young activists.

As part of the investigation, Robin, an undercover reporter using an alias, infiltrated a lobby of politicians, activists and Israeli embassy officials working to drum up support for Israel.

Many enjoyed financial or strategic support from the Israeli embassy in London via Masot.

In the wake of the investigation, Masot was forced to resign from Israel’s UK embassy, which subsequently attempted to distance itself from Masot’s actions and apologized to the UK.

(Al Jazeera, PC, Social Media)

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