UK Might Censor Palestinian Expo Event, Activists Fear

Jun 18 2017 / 5:01 pm
A Palestine Solidarity Campaign-led rally in London. (Photo: via PSC, file)

Activists in the UK have said they fear one of the largest Palestinian cultural events in Europe is at risk of being censored by the government, Aljazeera reported.

Officials have given event organizers Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA) until Monday to respond to a letter warning that the two-day Palestine Expo 2017 event at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference center (QE2) in London could be cancelled by the Department for Communities and Local Government, which manages the venue.

Palestine Expo 2017 bills itself as a celebration of Palestinian history, culture, food, and entertainment, and an FOA spokesperson said preparations for the event would continue regardless.

“We look forward to welcoming over 10,000 people to the biggest Palestine event in Europe to celebrate Palestine culture and heritage,’ said FOA’s Shamiul Joarder, adding the governments move “appears to be a clear attempt to censor all things Palestinian, be it culture, heritage or politics”.

The censorship of the event is over accusations of FOA of having connections to Hamas and Hizbollah, an accusation the group has denied.

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2 Comments for “UK Might Censor Palestinian Expo Event, Activists Fear”

  1. Sai

    This would be an obscene travesty of justice if they banned this. I hope there are people of human decency and common sense involved in the decision making.

  2. L-london

    This is a really important exhibition on Palestinian culture and should go ahead.
    At a time when muslim culture and Palestinian culture is under threat, it is really essential that the UK has a Palestine expo. Where else can Palestinians go to celebrate their own culture – hint, they’re not allowed to do this at home as they’ve been driven out of Palestine.

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