US Renews ‘Full Commitment’ to Israel

While playing the mediating role between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Washington reassures that it is "fully and firmly committed" to Tel Aviv.

American Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice reiterated the US’ carte blanche support for Israel during a ceremony held by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in New York on Thursday.

Rice said Washington’s commitment was not and will never be negotiable.

"That commitment spans generations and political parties. It is not negotiable, and it never will be," Ha’aretz quoted Rice as saying.

She said the US will continue to strengthen Israel’s military while protecting it in the diplomatic arena.

This is while as the mediator in the indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the US is expected to be neutral

Washington expressed its support for Tel Aviv at a time when the Israeli regime is under immense international criticism over attacking a Gaza-bound aid ship and killing nine activists aboard.

Israeli Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, said last month that the world was tired of Israel.

"They’re tired of hearing our explanations, of showing empathy for our troubles, even if they’re real troubles. [The world is] tired of understanding us," he said.

(Press TV)

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