Where Are You From?

By Dr. Abdel-Qader Yassine

Where are you from?
You ask…
I am a gypsy, a wanderer,
born of pain and affliction.

Look at the map of the world,
voyage across in a glance.
Doubtless you will not find a land,
where my fellow county-man
has not drifted.
Yet, You would not find P A L E S T I N E…

I am the mystified soul
of a sleep-walker,
who at the full moon,
strolls across the cliffs
of endless desires
at the foot of reality.

Where are you from?
You ask.
I am from the land
Where History was born.

Jericho celebrated its 10 000th birthday last month.
It was in Jericho that MAN first settled…

It was here, 2000 years ago,
A bare-footed Palestinian  named Jesus
preached to Mankind:
"Know Ye the Truth…
And the Truth shall make Thee Free..!"

Where are you from?
You ask.
I am from the land of love, poetry, sun.
Home of Three religions,
battles, sufferings, hopes
and trenches of Revolution.

My eyes are burning
with a thirsty hope
Now, do you know
where I am from?

– Dr. Abdel-Qader Yassine is a Palestinian writer and social scientist living in Sweden. He contributed this poem to PalestineChronicle.com.

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