Video: Where Should the Birds Fly?

Dec 17 2012 / 11:36 pm
Palestinian filmmaker Fida Qishta.

Where Should the Birds Fly? is a powerful new film about Gaza by Palestinian filmmaker Fida Qishta. It is the moving story of two young Palestinian women struggling for normalcy in the cruel abnormality of Gaza. This story reveals the resilience of the human spirit, as the farmers, fisherman, merchants, school children, teachers, and medical workers find ways to snatch a semblance of normality from this insanity. But what happens when the abnormal becomes normal?  What happens when children grow up among the rubble of their homes and cities, when they face the future as orphans colored by the memory of their parents’ violent deaths?

Palestinian filmmaker FIda Qishta describes her reasons for documenting the 23 day Israeli invasion and bombing of Gaza in December 2008 and the powerful film that recounts the impact on the people of Gaza.

Michael Mansfield, Barrister, speaks about “Where Should the Birds Fly”, by filmmaker Fida Qishta at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.


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