Whether You Stumble, or Stand Up: A Song for Basil Al-Araj

Basil Alaraj and the scene where was killed. (Photo: via Social Media)

A group of Gaza-based activists has produced an amateur video-clip dedicated to Basil Al-Araj, the 31-year-old Palestinian activist who was ambushed and assassinated by Israeli Occupation Forces two weeks ago. Al-Araj is remembered as a young intellectual involved in cultural activities and resistance against Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Basil was known amongst Palestinian activists as an “engaged intellectual,” and a Gramscian theorist. At the end of the video-clip, Al-Araj is seen addressing a group of activists and saying what has become a motto after his untimely death: “If you want to be an intellectual, you’d better be an engaged one!

Lyrics of the song are adopted from Egyptian poet’s Abdurrahman Al-Abnudi’s poem “Whether you stumble, or stand up…”, and performed by Palestinian activist Haidar Eid.

Whether you stumble, or stand up

I remain your son

I will never betray

My sorrows and melancholic moments

There is no love without mad moments

And no tears without eyes

I worship you

Your existence is mine

You are my destiny and fate


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