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A Coup in Israel? Nonsense!

By Uri Avnery The existence of the army in a truly democratic state represents a paradox. The army is supposed to obey the elected government. This obedience is unconditional. But the army (including land, sea […]

For the Hares Boys

By Chandra Paul The Hares boys are five schoolchildren from Occupied Palestine, who have been incarcerated in an adult criminal prison in Israel for over a year, on charges of throwing stones at a car. […]

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Failure of Secularism, Rise of Islam

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan Through world history, religions have provided the concepts and the language by which human beings have pursued their immediate interests and defined their ultimate values. The religious outlook is a continuous […]

The Lost Voices of the Arab Revolutions

By Ramzy Baroud The Arab uprisings were sparked and fuelled by the justified demands of impoverished, oppressed peoples. The world’s media almost entirely missed this narrative Irrespective of how one feels about the direction taken […]