Bolivia Welcomes Palestinians to UN

Bolivian President Evo Morales has slammed Israel for oppressing the Palestinian people and expressed his country’s strong support for their UN drive.

"Not only does Bolivia support the Palestinian recognition by the United Nations, our position is to welcome the Palestinians to the United Nations," Morales told the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

He denounced Israel for "bombing, attacking, killing and taking land" from the Palestinians, AFP reported.

The Bolivian president’s uplifting speech has come as a moral spur for acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas, who is planning to submit a formal bid for UN membership for a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders at the General Assembly on Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday, South Africa, Lebanon and Brazil, all three members of the 15-nation Security Council, announced that they will support the Palestinian statehood drive.

Morales also blasted the United Nations for its "capitalism", "imperialism" and called the UN’s key body the "Council of Insecurity."

The UN Security Council is "a group of countries that decide on interventions and slaughters," he noted.

"This is a ‘Council of Insecurity’ for presidents, governments and people who seek liberation — not just social but economic — and the recovery of their natural resources," Morales pointed out.

Morales, a member of the Aymara ethnic group, became the first indigenous leader of Bolivia in nearly 500 years after his inauguration in January 2006.

The indigenous people of Bolivia and the rest of South America have suffered through five centuries of oppression, which began with the European invasion and conquest of the Americas.

The Bolivian president went on to say that the imperialists seek to control all of the world’s sources of energy, and in order to get this they incite internal conflicts to justify their intervention.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Morales said there is talk of a lasting peace in the world but how can there be talk of a lasting peace when the US military bases are dotting the key spots of the world, and US interventions are everywhere.

(Press TV)

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