Global Network on Palestine: Biden’s Visit to Middle East is Recipe for Violence, Not Peace

US President Joe Biden. (Photo: White House Website)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Global Network on the Question of Palestine (GNQP) said in a statement on Tuesday that US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East is a recipe for violence, not peace.

“The main headlines about the trip focus on a deal to bring down gas prices. However, reportedly central to the visit are endeavors to further integrate Israel into the region, including through the establishment of an Arab-Israeli security alliance, led by the US, to confront Iran,” the statement read.

“It is becoming clear that Biden’s Middle East policy, contrary to election pledges, is increasingly looking like a continuation and even deepening of that of Donald Trump, including by seeking to expand the Abraham Accords, which normalized diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE, to Saudi Arabia,” the statement added.

“As members of the Global Network on the Question of Palestine, we have strong reservations with respect to the further US and Arab policy shifts the above developments represent,” the statement also said, adding:

“Specifically, we remain convinced that the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations serves to undermine rather than promote peace and justice because such agreements are designed to perpetuate rather than dismantle the Israeli occupation of Arab territory.”

The GNQP is a coalition of renowned Palestinian, regional, and international experts striving to promote justice for Palestine and Palestinians, which plays an integral role within the Question of Palestine Program established in 2018 by the Jordan-based Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD).

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