Google Removing Palestine from Its Maps Negates Palestinian History

Google Maps falsifies Palestinian history, geography and Right of Return. (Photo: via

Google has removed the name of Palestine from its Google Maps and replaced it with Israel – a decision denounced by the Palestinian Journalists’ Forum.

In a statement released yesterday, the Forum said that Google’s decision which was made on 25 July “is part of the Israeli scheme to establish its name as a legitimate state for generations to come and abolish Palestine once and for all.”

It added, “The move is also designed to falsify history, geography as well as the Palestinian people’s right to their homeland.

It “is a failed attempt to tamper with the memory of Palestinians and Arabs as well as the world,” was also stated.

The forum said the move was “contrary to all international norms and conventions,” stressing that Google should backtrack on its actions.


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  1. Who the heck is google thinking they can just remove the EXISTING state of Palestine, & just replace it with an evil state called Israel??? Google, please go do your research because Palestine existed way before Israel & will continue to exist for decades to come!!!

    • They are one of the biggest NAZIONISTISK com pany in the world so as all other fake cryptojewcompanys around the world they do whatever they want and if we say something negative about it we’re “antisemitic” even though they “jews” in NAZIsraHELL today don’t have a drop of semitic blood in them…

  2. the literal meaning of ‘kufr’ is to cover…cover up…and what is it that is covered up…the truth! Such an arrogant display of ‘kufr’ by Google will not win it any friends nor erase the history of a people – but rather embolden and give heart to those who strive and struggle for the freedom of Palestine…

  3. The same with Nagorno Karabakh. It is not even marked, still considered “Azerbaijan”.

  4. Google this better not be the truth. I will not use google again of it is. Israel is a nation of oppression and apartheid. Israel will never ever be a legitimate state. I think it is time to abandon Google

  5. Time to boycott Google, have removed the Google maps app and will no longer use Google search engine. I suggest you do the same.

  6. This is blatant ethnic cleansing, no other term can be used. It shows clearly who’s pulling Googles strings and why we should be very wary of the agenda they are pursuing. People ignorant of the facts will be mislead into thinking Israel has already gained legal jurisdiction of these lands, in contravention of international law and will cease to care as a result. it must not be allowed to stand.

  7. If this turns out to be true, I will delete anything and everything connected with Google from every device in my house. I pray this is a very sick joke.

  8. With Pokemon Go launched in several countries and login is only through Google, u won’t get that many boycott.

  9. Unlike China’s false claims of the islands, Palestine was their first. If religions are supposed to be for God by God why do we still kill each other and take each other’s lands.

  10. Google, are you in your right mind? Palestine has existed throughout history. Israel forced itself on Palestine which was under British Mandate pre 1948. Palestine should remain. I am one of those born in Jerusalem Palestine in 1944 , so was my father and forefathers. . Please reconsider and do something about this injustice.
    Is google denying our existence? are we now stateless people?
    Even in poetry, the name Palestine was mentioned. Are you trying to obliterate history?
    We are Palestinians, belonging to Palestine and we want to return to Palestine – which in your opinion does not exist. Kindly review your correct history and not the one written by the Zionists for enlightenment .

  11. I see posts about this since at least 2009, why are you saying something changed on July 25th?
    It seems It’s nothing new, I’m not sure why it just became news again?

  12. Palestine isn’t removed!!! From it’s early struggles with Israel and till date, Palestine has constantly been strong on the west bank, where it is still shown on the map. However, yes, Israel is still shown as a country which sucks. Wikipedia even shows the capital, prime minister and currency of Israel. This sucks. But somehow that’s what the internet knows, google can not be the sole crusader, more people needs to be made aware and more people need to start putting the truth out there on Wikipedia and blogs and wherever else.

  13. you can’t do this GOOGLE!!!…..
    and even if u try to replace jzt d name, Palestine is nt gonna b’cm Israel jzt if u say…..u don’t hv this Power!!!

    anyways….Palestine didn’t change to Israel even after u changed it….. ?

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