Icons of Innocence

By Dom Martin

Is humanity’s Title Deed
To survival!

In human greed
Comes the revival
Of  belligerence.

There’s protectorate
In the electorate
To incorporate error

With power
And power
With terror!

Death is aimed
The mother framed
The cradle claimed!

Survival is maimed
Existence walled
Justice stalled!


In eternity’s sanctuary
No obituary!
The children are awake
In ageless play
Watching reincarnation display
A sovereign stake!


Has been our annual aid
To date!

Is Gaza’s yoke
Through our roadblocks!

In Gaza’s carnage
Is the Quartet’s entourage
And the viserage
Of international laws
And outlaws!

Silence, alas
Is the quilt
Of our guilt:
The ballast
Of our conscience
And omniscience!

– Dom Martin is a surrealist artist, poet and writer. He is the author of Genocide: The New Order of Imperialism (2008) and Coexistence: Humanity’s Wailing Wall (2006). He contributed this poem to PalestineChronicle.com.

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