‘There is a Deadline’ – Histadrut Leader Warns Netanyahu, Calls for Elections

The head of Histadrut, Arnon Ben-David. (Photo: שגב ויסברג, via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Arnon Bar-David warned that the Histadrut may join demonstrations and anti-government movements if Netanyahu “tries to cling to power”.

The head of Israel’s main labor union, the Histadrut, said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for the failure that caused the October 7 attack, and he must resign, vowing to join the protests against the government.

Israeli media quoted Arnon Bar-David as saying, during a conference in the city of Beersheba on Saturday, that this government “brought disaster upon Israel,” calling for new elections.

“He took us to the edge, to a place we should not have been… We’re at a dead-end, and there’s only one way out: elections,” Bar-David said, according to The Times of Israel. 

“(Netanyahu) should take responsibility for what happened, and then he should make decisions regarding himself. If I were prime minister, I would resign,” he reportedly added.

Bar-David warned that the Histadrut may join protests and anti-government movements if Netanyahu “tries to cling to power”.

This move could disrupt a large part of the Israeli economy. Last year, in March, the Histadrut announced a general strike amid mass protests against the judicial reform. After only one day, Netanyahu halted the legislation and agreed to talks with opposition party representatives, ToI reported.

“There is a deadline. We have to free the hostages and reach a deal, if it doesn’t happen because it doesn’t suit someone politically, then the government will fall apart,” he reportedly said.

“We may have to take to the streets” to press for elections, Bar-David warned, adding: “I hope that won’t be necessary.”

Families of Israeli prisoners currently detained in Gaza reportedly called on the Histadrut to announce a general strike until an agreement is reached with the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

On Saturday, thousands of Israelis rallied in several cities to demand that Netanyahu’s government step down, hold early elections, and return prisoners detained in Gaza.

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