Visualize with Me – A Poem

Ismail Shammout, 'The Spring That Was,' Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), 1960, (Art: via the Palestine Poster Project Archives)

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley

VISUALIZE with me, just for a moment, waking up tomorrow morning to find that the United States has had a spiritual awakening and a conversion to right action and a true and deep commitment to clearing away the wreckage of our past, of reparation and correction, realizing that all lives are of equal value, that it has undergone an epiphany and rebirth, become aware of the connectivity and interdependence of all persons……and our nation begins to have a revelation of its own deep inner wounds, which are hemorrhaging, and ultimately, unless attended to, will prove fatal.

Awareness begins, the healing and restoration process commences. A national movement toward honoring the first peoples of our great land is born. Current policies by our government that are oppressing and causing violent upheavals in our world are halted immediately. Any assistance that is preventing the self-determination of any peoples is ended. The United States meekly and honestly begins championing and adhering to International Law. Global recognition of this deep-seated conversion is immediate and its implication on our world is recognized and acclaimed by all.

Suspicion of the change and any hidden motivations are expressed at first, but then accepted and praised by other world leaders as they see, by the consistent good effort and actions of America, that this is not just a passing fancy, but a permanent change of heart and unfailing policy.

The past injustices are reviewed and true justice applied. One by one, honestly, painfully and humbly, we look at our past sins and failures, we call them to public awareness and we devote our vast resources to make them right.

The words of our great declarations and the guiding principles of our greatest documentary treasures are considered, internalized and acted upon. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the pledge of allegiance…

VISUALIZE…what a world, this could, would and should truly be.

VISUALIZE. What this would mean for Palestine, for Syria, for the Rohingya, for Yemen…for the entire planet…for humanity.

AND THEN…ENVISION.. Each and every one of us, together, immediately devotedly and passionately setting about to make it so.

– Stephen Brackens Brinkley contributed this poem to

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  1. This is excellent, heart touching poem. I have read another such poignant poem written by this gentleman published by your Chronicle called ‘Sabra & Shatla ‘. I hope to see more of such gems of literary talent from this poet/ pro Palestinian activist, in future, Ameen.

  2. What an excellent poem!!! Very heart touching,indeed. It truly reflects the sentiments of an American who cares deeply about Palestine & the humanity, at large. Hope to see more of them in the near future. Thank you, brother Stephen & thanks also, to the editor of this Chronicle for publishing it.

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