‘Israel Still Spying on Lebanon Telecom’

A Lebanese minister says Beirut has found new evidence over Israel’s illegal espionage activities in the country’s telecommunication sector.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Lebanon’s Minister of Telecommunications Charbel Nahas said Israel is continuing its widespread espionage penetration in Lebanon.

A Lebanese technical expert also explained how easily the Israelis infiltrated the telecom network, saying that the Israelis planted espionage devices in the Lebanese telecom antennae near the occupied Palestinian lands.

Meanwhile, Lebanese lawmaker Hassan Fadlallah urged the Lebanese people to work together in the face of Israeli threats to the telecom sector.

Fadlallah said earlier this month the parliament has obtained photos, maps and documents that show where Israel is building at least 21 wiretapping and spy posts.

He added that a committee analyzed the documents and determined Israeli engagement in spying activities along the Lebanese border.

Since 2009, Lebanon has launched a nationwide crackdown on Israeli spy cells, arresting nearly 100 people, including members of security forces and telecommunications personnel, on suspicion of spying for Israel’s spy agency of Mossad.

A number of the suspects have admitted to their roles in helping Israel identify targets inside Lebanon, mostly belonging to Hezbollah, which Tel Aviv heavily bombed during its 2006 war against the country.

(Press TV)

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