‘Israel Shouldn’t Go to War with Lebanon, as We Will Surely Win’: Lebanese FM

Lebanon has capabilities to counter “any threat,” but only wants peace and stability in the region, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has told RT in an…

Nov 18 2017 / Read More » /

Israeli Official: BDS Activists Doing ‘Great Job’ But There ‘Will be a Price Tag’

A senior Israeli official has acknowledged that activists in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign are doing a “great job”, but warned that there…

Nov 17 2017 / Read More » /

Declassified Israeli Transcripts Discuss Ethnic Cleansing

Declassified cabinet meeting minutes show that top Israeli cabinet officials contemplated an ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip and Galilee, rewriting history textbooks in favor…

Nov 17 2017 / Read More » /

New Revelations: Israel Releases 1967 Documents

Israel has released new documents dating from the 1967 war. According to Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth the papers date from the period during and immediately…

Nov 17 2017 / Read More » /

Caribbean Against Apartheid: Call for Caribbean to Support Palestine

It is the duty of the Caribbean to support the people of Palestine in their struggle to decolonize their land and to gain their independence.…

Nov 16 2017 / Read More » /

Despite Reconciliation, PA Continues to Punish Gaza’s Teachers, Professors

By Anna Majavu Hundreds of tertiary education staff in the Gaza Strip are set to strike this week after facing eight months of extreme salary cuts…

Nov 15 2017 / Read More » /

The Trials of Benjamin Netanyahu: Corruption in Israel is Not Just an Israeli Issue

By Ramzy Baroud Whether the string of scandals, now hounding Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, lead to his sacking or not, it matters little. Though…

Nov 15 2017 / Read More » /

‘Submit or Resign’, Defines Realpolitik of Saudi Arabia’s New Czar

By Iqbal Jassat What’s going on in Saudi Arabia? This appears to be the dominant question raised in many circles. A question, coupled with many…

Nov 15 2017 / Read More » /

Remembering Paul Findley and Yasser Arafat

By James M. Wall On the day Yasser Arafat died, November 9, 2004, former Illinois Republican Congressman Paul Findley wrote an article to describe the…

Nov 14 2017 / Read More » /

Anti-BDS Laws and Pro-Israeli Parliament: Zionist Hasbara is Winning in Italy

By Romana Rubeo and Ramzy Baroud A proposed law at the Italian Parliament is set to punish the boycott of Israel. In the past, such…

Nov 14 2017 / Read More » /
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