Articles Mattis (R) with General Martin Dempsey on board a C-17 while flying to Baghdad, December 2011. (Photo: DoD, Wikimedia Commons)

Trump Elects Israel ‘Aparheid’ Critic, James Mattis as Defence Secretary

US President-elect Donald Trump has sparked Israeli concerns following his announcement that he intends to nominate General James Mattis to serve as Secretary of Defense.…

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Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo: via MEMO)

Abbas Addresses Future of Fatah, Palestine during Party’s 7th Congress

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech on Wednesday evening during the Fatah party’s seventh congress, addressing a scope of issues ranging from the…

Dec 1 2016 / Read More » /
A Palestine Solidarity Campaign-led rally in London. (Photo: via PSC)

PSC: New Statesman Caves into Pressure, Censors Palestine

In a press release issued on December 1, the UK-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) added its voice to others who have accused the New Statesman…

Dec 1 2016 / Read More » /
Palestine has made it to the world knowledge map. (Photo: via Twitter)

Palestine Awarded Electronic Education Award in Belguim

Palestine has been announced the winner of the E-learning curriculum category in the Digital for Development Award, which is rewarded to outstanding initiatives that use…

Dec 1 2016 / Read More » /
Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader, and head of Fatah. (Photo: File)

Fatah’s Central Committee Re-elects Mahmoud Abbas for New Term as Leader

Fatah members attending an extraordinary party conference re-elected Mahmoud Abbas for a new five-year term as leader yesterday, the head of the Palestinian National Council…

Nov 30 2016 / Read More » /
To overcome Israeli apartheid and occupation, international solidarity must not be in words only. (Photo:, file)

Less Symbolism, More Action: Towards Meaningful Solidarity with Palestine

By Ramzy Baroud  The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has designated the week, November 25 to December 3, as the ‘biggest-ever campaign’ aimed at boycotting Israeli products…

Nov 30 2016 / Read More » /
Peter Thomson's speech marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.  (Photo: via Twitter)

Israel Attacks A UN Official for Wearing Palestine’s Flag

Israeli media has unleashed a smearing campaign against Peter Thomson, President of the 71st Session of the General Assembly, after he wore a Palestinian flag…

Nov 30 2016 / Read More » /
85 percent of the wall will be built inside Palestinian territories. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle, file)

Chile-Based Court Files War Crimes Lawsuit against Israeli Supreme Court Justices

A Santiago-based court in Chile on Monday filed a war crimes lawsuit against three Israeli Supreme Court justices for approving the construction of the Israeli…

Nov 29 2016 / Read More » /
The demolishing of Palestinian homes in the Negev continues. (Photo: via Ma'an, file)

Ethnic Cleansing: Negev is a Battlefield for a Very Fierce Struggle

“Under the pretext of development, the Israeli occupation authorities have been working for decades to displace Arab residents from the villages and neighborhoods in the…

Nov 29 2016 / Read More » /
A Palestinian mosque destroyed during an Israeli bombing raid on Gaza, 2014. (Photo: File)

The Real Link between Israel’s Forest Fires and Muezzin Bill

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Israeli legislation ostensibly intended to tackle noise pollution from Muslim houses of worship has, paradoxically, served chiefly to provoke a…

Nov 29 2016 / Read More » /
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