Articles The present Palestinian leadership is not trust-worthy. (Via Aljazeera)

Palestinian Move is Welcome, But the Leadership is Not Trustworthy

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan Since it has control of the occupied lands and in view of the realities in the occupied territory, time has been…

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There are limits to what an otherwise obsequious Congress will do for Netanyahu and Israel. (C-Span)

Netanyahu’s Speech and the Politics of Iran Policy

By Gareth Porter Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to speak to the US Congress on 3 March, two weeks before the…

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The scene following a strike by Hezbollah on an Israeli military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

A Tale of Two Retaliations

By Belen Fernandez Following yesterday’s missile strike by Hezbollah on an Israeli military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms, which killed two Israeli soldiers, the…

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Visitors at the al-Bireh Cultural Centre in Ramallah  at the launch of 'The Long Journey'. (Rich Wiles/MEE)

‘The Long Journey’ – The Significance of UNRWA’s Audiovisual Archive

By Rich Wiles The audience who turned up at the al-Bireh Cultural Centre to see the launch of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency…

Jan 28 2015 / Read More » /
Do not ever kneel. Do not ever kiss a hand. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction to exploit your pain. (Via MEE)

Dear Syria: From One Refugee to Another

By Ramzy Baroud Whenever the word “refugee” is uttered, I think of my mother. When Zionist militias began their systematic onslaught and “cleansing” of the…

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We must cling to the applicability of human rights to all human beings. (Via Aljazeera)

On Palestinians’ Loss from the Paris Attacks

By Samah Jabr The dreadful killings at the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo is a multiple crime. The direct victims were the people killed on site,…

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France's tragic deaths were not simply payback for Charlie Hebdo's satire of the Prophet.

The Satire and the Faux: Reflections on Charlie Hebdo

By Haneul Na’avi The massacre of employees at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris has fostered growing animosity between Westerners and the Muslim world. In…

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We attempted to deliver a loaf of bread and a letter to the commander of Whiteman Air Force base. (Shane Franklin)

My Future in Prison

By Kathy Kelly The Bureau of Prisons contacted me today, assigning me a prison number and a new address: for the next 90 days, beginning…

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Instead of repealing some of the most draconian antiterrorism laws in the world, we’re about to acquire more.

You Want to Know What Britishness is All about? Just Ask a Muslim

By Moazzam Begg Prime Minister David Cameron believes that the letter written and sent to over a thousand Muslim leaders in the UK by Communities…

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This way of settling differences is not just. (

Inside the Uniform, Under the Hood, Longing for Change

By Kathy Kelly From January 4 – 12, 2015, Witness Against Torture (WAT) activists assembled in Washington D.C. for an annual time of fasting and…

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War on Gaza was labelled a war against Islamism to align Israeli military action with Western calls for intervention.

Gaza: Islamism is Netanyahu’s Best Asset

By Sébastien Ponsford Israel has continuously justified its war on the Palestinians on the basis of the right to defend itself. As early as the…

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Like the US under Bush, France is masking its wars under the slogan of fighting terror. (Latuff)

Lessons that Hollande Failed to Learn from W. Bush

By Ramzy Baroud Francois Hollande is not a popular president. No matter how hard the “socialist” leader tries to impress, there never seems to be…

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