Palestinian MKs: New Law Passed by the Knesset Aims to Annex West Bank

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, passed a controversial bill on Tuesday that would allow verdicts from military court proceedings in the occupied West Bank to…

Jan 17 2017 / Read More » /

Beware the ‘Two-state Solution’

By Dr. Daud Abdullah “Tomorrow will look different — and tomorrow is very close.” So said Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahuin response to the just-concluded Paris…

Jan 17 2017 / Read More » /

Fear, Trauma and Healing: A Scientific Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

By Dr. Yoav Litvin An approach designated as “evolutionary” can be employed in reference to two outlooks on global ethnic conflicts in general, and the…

Jan 17 2017 / Read More » /

Warning of One State and ‘Palestinian Mob’: New Israeli Ad Campaign ‘Racist’

Former senior Israeli defense officials rolled out a massive ad campaign in Israel on Sunday “warning” Israelis of a single-state with a Palestinian majority if…

Jan 16 2017 / Read More » /

The Paris Peace Conference: A Funeral without a Corpse

By Motasem A. Dalloul – Gaza The conference held in Paris on Sunday looking at the Palestine-Israel conflict concluded with the usual final statement calling…

Jan 16 2017 / Read More » /

Palestinian Political Factions Object to Paris Peace Conference

In spite of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority’s endorsement of a peace conference being held in Paris on Sunday, other Palestinian factions were opposed to the…

Jan 15 2017 / Read More » /

Peace Conference Begins in Paris to Reaffirm ‘Two-state Solution’

An international peace conference involving more than 40 foreign ministers and senior diplomats from 75 countries began in Paris on Sunday morning, aimed at renewing…

Jan 15 2017 / Read More » /

Exposing ‘The Lobby’ – Episodes 1-4 (VIDEOS)

The Lobby episode 1: The battle for Britain’s youth In the first of a four-part series, Al Jazeera goes undercover inside the Israel Lobby in…

Jan 15 2017 / Read More » /

The Destiny Line: A Fictional Work Dealing with Facts of Life under Occupation

By Denis A. Conroy “My interests (as an old man) are directed towards keeping truth, based on facts (of course) from disappearing beneath the dust…

Jan 13 2017 / Read More » /

From Vietnam to Palestine: Reconciling the Present and the Past

By Hatim Kanaaneh MD, MPH. It is getting a bit disorienting on this trip to Vietnam, I admit. In the hotel at Hoi An I…

Jan 13 2017 / Read More » /
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