World Book Day Marked in Memory of Mahmoud Darwish (VIDEO)

Fifteen cities around the Middle East marked World Book Day yesterday in memory of late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Sudan’s Education Without Borders Association in…

Apr 24 2017 / Read More » /

Fatah Announces ‘Day of Rage’, Urging Palestinians to Clash with Israeli Forces

The Fatah movement in the occupied West Bank, the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA), called for Palestinians to express their unity by performing…

Apr 24 2017 / Read More » /

Mahmoud Abbas Needs to Decide which Side He’s On

By Dr. Daud Abdullah It is perfectly normal for Palestinians to have political differences with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), but it is wholly unacceptable…

Apr 22 2017 / Read More » /

Will British Muslims Survive in Post-Brexit Britain?

By  Irfan Raja Is it unimaginable to think that British Muslims may have to go back where they come from? Sounds sensitive, but certainly a…

Apr 21 2017 / Read More » /

Pro-Israel Lobbies in London Protest Screening of Marwan Barghouthi Documentary

As the Federation of Palestinian Communities in Europe and the Fatah movement in London prepare to screen the film “Marwan,” a biopic telling the life…

Apr 21 2017 / Read More » /

PCHR: Life of Isolation behind Israel’s Separation Wall

By Palestine Chronicle Staff The Palestinian Center for Human Rights published a report on April 13, detaining the life of a Palestinian family who lives…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More » /

Israel’s Treatment of Children in Prison ‘Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading’: UN Special Rapporteur

By Palestine Chronicle Staff Israeli authorities increased the use of solitary confinement for Palestinians under the age of 18 as an interrogation tactic and started…

Apr 19 2017 / Read More » /

Israel Celebrates 50 Years as Occupier

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Israel is to hold lavish celebrations over the coming weeks to mark the 50th anniversary of what it calls the…

Apr 18 2017 / Read More » /

A Tale of Two Jubilees

By Iqbal Jassat “A state that celebrates 50 years of occupation is a state whose sense of direction has been lost, its ability to distinguish…

Apr 18 2017 / Read More » /

PCHR: Palestinian Prisoners’ Suffering Mount in Israeli Jails

By Palestine Chronicle Staff The Palestinian Center for Human Rights issued a release yesterday on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoner Day, which was marked this year…

Apr 18 2017 / Read More » /
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