Articles PA police coordinate with Israeli border police to control Palestinian access to Jerusalem at the Bethlehem checkpoint. (Photo:

Why Israeli Officials are Chuckling: The ‘Stable’ West Bank Dilemma

By Ramzy Baroud Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Ze’ev Elkin, is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and his predominantly rightwing cabinet. In a recent…

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A child at Qalandiya checkpoint. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman/PC)

What Other Torturous Measures Will They Inflict on the Tortured?

By Tamar Fleishman The thousands of people who arrive at Qalandiya checkpoint and its surroundings each day didn’t hold their breaths when they heard Israel’s…

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We Are the Palestinians – A Poem

By Gary Corseri Before Moses or the Romans, Before Jesus and Muhammad, Before the Turks and the English, We dwelled in this land. We built…

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Kerry had not the slightest idea of what he was getting himself into. (Photo: WAFA/file)

In One Word: Poof!

By Uri Avnery Poor John Kerry. This week he emitted a sound that was more expressive than pages of diplomatic babble. In his testimony before…

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The neocons' drunkenness with military power led to costly wars that have overwhelmed the empire beyond salvation. (Photo: Zoriah -

‘Reality Check’: US Empire beyond Salvation

By Ramzy Baroud U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry couldn’t hide his frustration anymore as the U.S.-sponsored peace process continued to falter. After eight months…

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(Photo: Niño Jose Heredia/ Gulf News)

What Middle East Crisis? Peace Process as a Successful US Investment

By Ramzy Baroud Crisis seemed to loom large as Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed applications to join 15 international treaties on April 1.…

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US Secretary of State John Kerry. (Photo: Via Aljazeera)

If Kerry Fails, What Then?

By Sam Bahour and Tony Klug Suppose the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, fails to cajole the Israeli and Palestinian leaders into finally ending…

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Not to Be an American Indian – A Poem

In a poem that he wrote and gave me forty years ago, my friend Jack B wrote about what it was like to be an…

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Palestine delivered a letter asking to become a party to the Geneva Conventions. (Photo: UN/file)

Palestine’s Nasty Neighbor – Peace, Brother ..

By Stuart Littlewood US-brokered negotiations with Israel, which started on 29 July 2013 and were to last nine months, are nearing their ignominious end. And…

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'Pretend that the United States is an 'honest broker' ..'

Living in a Fantasy World, or How to Write About Palestine for Mainstream Media

By Roger Sheety As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shuttles from one country to another in a (seemingly) desperate, last-minute attempt to save the…

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