Articles Israeli myths promoted as facts by Israel supporters are falling apart. (US State Department)

Netanyahu the Mythbuster: ‘Special Relationship’ No More

By Ramzy Baroud Imagine if an American presidential candidate made a plea to his supporters on election day with the following statement: “The Republican administration…

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A flattened neighborhood in Gaza as a result of the Israeli war. (Mohammed Abed, supplied)

For Hamza: Arms Sanctions against Israel’s Everyday Terrorism

“By This is for the child that is searching for an answer, I wish I could take your tears and replace them with laughter, Long…

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The need is still greater than ever to have one banner, one message, and one demand for remedial action.

West Punished Palestine When It Voted Freely; Endorses Israel’s Vote for Occupation

By Ghada Ageel The 2006 elections were an amazing demonstration of Palestinian democracy in its multi-coloured beauty. The people under occupation expressed their determination to…

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Israeli myths promoted as facts by Israel supporters are falling apart. (US State Department)

Netanyahu’s ‘Flip-Flop’ and the Willful Blindness of the Mainstream Media

By Jeremy R. Hammond   When Benjamin Netanyahu declared this week that he would work to prevent a Palestinian state from being established if reelected…

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(All photos: Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle)

International Women’s Day at Qalandiya

By Tamar Fleishman Around a thousand Palestinian women and some men marched on the main road leading from Ramallah to Qalandiya checkpoint. The women waved…

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Nothing will stop the imminent entrenchment of a tide of new Apartheid laws. (Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle)

Israel Votes Apartheid

By Neve Gordon Benjamin Netanyahu is truly a magician. Just this past Friday, most polls indicated that his Likud party would likely receive around 21…

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It ought to be obvious to all that Obama now as only two options. (WH)

Netanyahu’s Victory: Now What President Obama?

By Alan Hart “Love him (Netanyahu) or hate him, this is the face of Israel.” That’s how Uriel Heilman concluded an article for the JTA…

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No matter how one attempts to wrangle with the rise of IS, it just doesn't add up.

‘Islamic State’ as a Western Phenomenon: Reimagining the IS Debate

By Ramzy Baroud It is as if leaders of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) are getting tips on demonising Muslims from world leading Islamophobes and…

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Robert Malley was Obama's colleague at Harvard Law School. (ABC)

US Opens up to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and Iran

By Nicola Nasser The appointment of Robert Malley as White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region is not considered…

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with US President Barack Obama during a visit to Ramallah. (WAFA, file)

Obama and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

By William James Martin Former President, Nobel Laureate, and founder of the Carter Center, Jimmy Carter, was conspicuously absent from the podium at the National…

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The need is still greater than ever to have one banner, one message, and one demand for remedial action.

Will Israeli Voters Do the Right Thing?

All opinion polls published on Friday in Israel, the last date on which it is allowed to publish them prior to Tuesday’s general election, give…

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How Blair’s Egyptian Gas Gambit Advances Israeli Energy Empire

This week, Egypt signed a landmark $12bn deal with British Petroleum (BP) to develop the country’s offshore natural gas resources. The West Nile Delta project…

Mar 14 2015 / Read More » /

Islamic State as a Western Phenomenon?

Not only is IS to a degree an alien movement in the larger body politic of the Middle East, it also seems to be a…

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The Free Zone | Blog
  • March 25, 2015

    EU Plans to Pressure Israel as Diplomat Warns of 'Collision Course'

    Leaked report outlines 40 suggestions to sway Israeli policy; EU source: more chance of implementation in wake of Netanyahu rejection of Palestinian state. - An EU diplomatic source told Ynet that there was a definite chance that the recommendations in the report, which the member states have yet to approve, were more likely to be implemented following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement during his election campaign that a Palestinian state would not be... More →
  • March 25, 2015

    Palestine: It's the Water Stupid

    Middle East Eye speaks to investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed, PhD, about how conflict, socio-economic problems, destabilisation and resource dominance is related to the role of water and the environment in Palestine and the greater regional issues of the Middle East. - - Nafeez is an international security scholar and best-selling author who tracks what he calls the 'crisis of civilization'. He is a winner of the... More →
  • March 25, 2015

    It's Time for a One-state Solution

    I will not go into all the reasons why it failed during the Oslo process. I will only say that even if there was a period when this solution was relevant — and this too should be taken with a grain of salt — five decades of military rule, 500,000 settlers, a failed agreement and one Gaza disengagement later, it is enough to simply glance at the maps and see how scant the chance of reaching an agreement is. - Even if we assume that we can convince a large... More →
  • March 25, 2015

    Obama Chief Aide Says 'Israeli Occupation' of Palestine 'Must End'

    White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Monday called for the end of the Israel's "50 year- occupation" of Palestine and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. - In a speech to J Street, an Israel advocacy group, McDonough said that: "An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have the right to live in and govern themselves in their own sovereign state." - "In the end,... More →
  • March 25, 2015

    'I Kind of Feel Left out': Top US Legislators Deny Israelis Briefed Them on Iran Talks

    US legislators said they found out from the news – just like everyone else – that Israel had allegedly leaked information on the Iran talks to them. - "I read that story this morning, and frankly, I was a bit shocked," Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters. "There was no information revealed to me whatsoever." - Asked to clarify his reaction to the story, Boehner replied: "I'm shocked by the fact that there were reports in this press article... More →




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