Israel and the UN Are Allies in Colonial Endeavors

By Ramona Wadi News that Tzipi Livni could be nominated for the post of UN under-secretary-general was overshadowed swiftly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s…

Feb 18 2017 / Read More » /

Petition: UK Government Should Apologize to Palestinians for Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Apology Campaign (BAC) has launched a petition which calls on the British government to apologize for the Balfour Declaration that lead to the…

Feb 18 2017 / Read More » /

The Kiss of Life – A Poem

By Chris Lane is a cold plunge from the womb to a mother’s warm breast for kittens and kids the lick of a rasping tongue…

Feb 18 2017 / Read More » /

Record Number of Palestinian Homes Destroyed by Israel in 2016: Rights Group

In 2016, Israeli authorities had sped up demolishing homes of Palestinians in the occupied territories, Israeli rights group B’Tselem reported. The number was the highest…

Feb 17 2017 / Read More » /

Explainer: Israel-Palestine Conflict, the Two-state Solution (VIDEO)

What is a two-state solution; what is a one-state solution; and why are they now at the heart of the Palestine-Israeli discussion? (Al Jazeera)…

Feb 17 2017 / Read More » /

Palestinian Authority Supports Trump’s Call for Israeli Settlements ‘Pullback’, Wary of ‘One State’ Idea

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas fully supports Donald Trump’s call on Israel to “pull back” on settlement expansion, but is yet to comment on a…

Feb 16 2017 / Read More » /

When Israel and Britain Celebrate the Historical Trauma of Palestinians

By Dr. Samah Jabr After 100 years, Britain seems to be at the same moral stage as it was when UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour…

Feb 16 2017 / Read More » /

Improvement at PSC, but Two-States Idea is Not Palestinian

By Blake Alcott Fortunately the UK’s large Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) seems to be expanding its range of interest. Formerly focusing its attention and actions…

Feb 16 2017 / Read More » /

Trump Promises ‘Great Peace Deal’, Netanyahu Seeks Unconditional US Support

US President Donald Trump called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make compromises in order to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, including…

Feb 15 2017 / Read More » /

Israel’s Vision for the Future is Terrifying

By Ramzy Baroud Empirical historical evidence combined with little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store…

Feb 15 2017 / Read More » /
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