Articles What we are witnessing is a global Israeli blackmail operation and the exploitation Gaza's destruction. (IRIN)

The Process of Reconstructing Gaza

By Lamis Andoni As usual, whatever Israel fails to impose by war, it tries to achieve by means of the subsequent agreements, and the reconstruction…

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Without a clear course of action to help Palestinians gain their freedom, the British vote will remain another symbolic gesture. (BBC)

Phantoms of the Past: Britain’s Vote on Palestine is a Nonstarter

By Ramzy Baroud It would be intellectually dishonest to reflect on the British House of Commons’ vote of Monday, 13 October, on a Palestinian state…

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Statues by artist Eyad Sabbah stand amidst the rubble of buildings destroyed during the Israel war on Gaza, in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza. (Press TV)

Disorganized Reflections at Al-Shejaiya Ruins

By Haidar Eid A Hanounite woman sits on a rock in the middle of what once was a home that contained dreams, hopes, and desires!…

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The Politics of Empire – Book Review

Reviewed by Ludwig Watzal (James Petras, The Politics of Empire. The US, Israel and the Middle East, Clarity Press, Atlanta 2014, 196 pp.) The Israeli…

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Stop the Killing

By Kathy Kelly On August 9, 1983, three people dressed as U.S. soldiers saluted their way onto a US military base and climbed a pine…

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Zionism is incompatible with peace. (Tamar Fleishman/PC)

The Israeli Solution

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan I tried to explore the long term plans of the ruling elite of Israel regarding the Palestinians. But since no Israeli…

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(Tamar Fleishman/Palestine Chronicle)

The Other is Nothing but a Target in the Rifle Scope

By Tamar Fleishman – Qalandiya The supervision over the people arriving at the checkpoint, over the thousands of families living in Qalandiya refugee camp and…

Oct 15 2014 / Read More » /
Sadr City, Baghdad. (Zoriah -

The Missing Context: ‘Islamic State’ Sectarianism is Not Coincidental

By Ramzy Baroud Consider this comical scene described by Peter Van Buren, a former US diplomat, who was deployed to Iraq on a 12-month assignment…

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May the next motion that passes in UK parliament be a motion for a comprehensive boycott of Israel. (BBC)

UK Parliament Palestine Motion is Vote of Anger at Israeli Warmongering

By Tariq Shadid The remarkable landslide win for the motion in UK Parliament to recognize the Palestinian state has taken many around the world by…

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One and only one road to peace with some measure of justice in Israel and Palestine exists.

Diplomatic Recognition – The Road to Peace

By John V. Whitbeck On October 12, at a donors’ conference in Cairo, participants pledged US$ 5.4 billion toward the reconstruction of Gaza. However, numerous…

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Canada's first IS casualty. (National Post)

IS and the IDF: Canada’s Double Standard

By Eric Walberg Why are IDF members tolerated and even lauded in the West while IS fighters are despised and killed? In what sense is…

Oct 14 2014 / Read More » /

Islamic State vs Jewish State

By Jamal Kanj I have read or heard countless of analysts in the last few weeks discussing the war on Islamic State (IS). Unquestionably, putting…

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Arab Tears for Gaza


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