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Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Protester at Gaza Border

Sabri Ahmad Abu Khader, 24 was killed by Israeli soldiers at the Gaza Border. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian man on the Gaza border with Israel, Palestinian officials have said.

Gaza’s health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said on Monday that 24-year-old Sabri Ahmad Abu Khader was killed in east Gaza.

Official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that Israeli troops shot Abu Khader as he protested along the border.

The Israeli military said in a statement that five men were injured in an explosion at the border of the besieged Gaza Strip after they “attempted to damage a security infrastructure”.

The incident came after Israeli warplanes struck nine Hamas targets overnight in Gaza in response to incendiary kites attacks.

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Israel Indicts Former Cabinet Minister over Alleged Spying for Iran

Former Israel minister Dr. Gonen Segev was arrested by ShinBet and charged with espionage for Iran. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israel has indicted a former Israeli cabinet minister on suspicion of spying for Iran, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service said on Monday.

In a statement, the Shin Bet said Gonen Segev, who served as energy minister in the mid-1990s,

“was recruited by Iranian intelligence and served as an agent”.

Gonen Segev had been living in Nigeria. He was arrested during a visit to Equatorial Guinea in May and extradited to Israel, where he was indicted on Friday.

Ynetnews reported he was charged with espionage, aiding an enemy in wartime, as well as providing information to the enemy.

The former minister and parliamentarian is alleged to have provided details of Israel’s energy industry and security sites in the country, as well as information on political and military officials.

Segev, who is a trained doctor, served in governments led by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres in 1995 and 1996.

He was jailed for five years in 2005 for trying to smuggle tens of thousands of ecstasy tablets into Israel from the Netherlands and was released two years later.

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Israeli Public Swimming Pool Separates Jewish and Palestinian Citizens (VIDEO)

Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’. (Photo:

A public swimming pool in southern Israel has “separate hours” for Jewish and Palestinian citizens, “a practice that is undeclared but nevertheless familiar to visitors”, reported Haaretz.

The pool is located in Mabu’im, a community settlement operated by the Merhavim Regional Council. According to Haaretz, citing an employee, the pool has activities for the local Bedouin Palestinians during the week after 6 pm, and on Friday night.

A resident of Mabu’im said:

“There is a tacit agreement here. Bedouin will not enter the pool when there are Jews because the residents threatened to stop coming”.

The paper explains that “several members of a Bedouin family who tried to use the pool on Saturday were refused entry based on this condition”.

40 מעלות חום. ילדים לא מורשים להיכנס לבריכה כי הם בדואים. לאן נוליך את הבושה?

Gepostet von Mossi Raz am Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018

Adel Hamamdeh, one of those Palestinian citizens denied entry on Saturday, told Haaretz:

“They told me I couldn’t enter, that I could only enter after 6 P.M. because I am Bedouin”.

MK Yousef Jabareen (Joint List) said he would call for an investigation into the matter.

In 2013, Bedouin children with cancer who usually held a fun day at the swimming pool of “Ma’agan – Cancer Care Center” in Beer-Sheva, were refused entry to the swimming pool in Mabu’im.

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Israeli Jets Strike 9 Targets in Gaza in Response to ‘Fire Kites’

Palestinian peaceful protesters flying kites in memory of Razan al Najjar, a nurse killed by Israeli snipers at the Gaza border. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israeli Air Force jets have carried out a series of strikes on Gaza, in retaliation to alleged arson attempts and “explosive kites and balloons” being launched at Israel.

The Israeli Army said in a statement that it holds Hamas responsible for “everything in and out of the Gaza Strip” and that the organization “will bear the consequences” of its actions or inactions.

Throughout the Great March of Return protests, which erupted along the Gaza-Israeli border in late March, Palestinians reportedly used balloons and kites to send homemade explosive devices into Israel, resulting in a number of fires across southern Israel.

In order to put a halt to these activities, Israel has limited the amount of helium gas that can be brought into Gaza.

Nearly 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during the protests along the border with Gaza.

The UN General Assembly condemned Israel’s “excessive use of force” against Palestinian demonstrators, adopting a nonbinding resolution last week.

US envoy Nikki Haley wanted the final document to have an amendment condemning Hamas, but the proposal failed to draw enough support.

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Israel Frees 18-Year-Old Palestinian Prisoner after He Goes Blind (VIDEOS)

Hassan Tamimi lost his sight due to ‘medical negligence’ during his detention. (Photo: via Social Media)

Israel on Sunday released 18-year-old Palestinian detainee Hassan Tamimi who was “subjected to medical negligence” following which he lost his sight.

Abdunnasir Tamimi, the victim’s uncle, told Anadolu Agency his nephew was detained in April despite his frail health.

Hassan was suffering from liver and kidney issues as a result of protein malabsorption since early childhood, he said, adding that the teenager requires a particular diet and treatment; however, Israel did not allow the youth his medication and he eventually lost his eyesight.

Abdunnasir Tamimi said:

“Despite the fact that we provided occupant Israeli state with health reports, they didn’t attach any importance to the matter and his health condition deteriorated.”

Hassan Tamimi was arrested on the charge of “throwing rocks at Israeli troops” on April 7 and was later sent to the Ofer Military Prison near western Ramallah, to be tried in July.

A month after his detention, Hassan’s health got worse and he was sent to a hospital in Israel.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) in a statement said Hassan had lost his sight due to “medical negligence”.

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Israel Extends Detention of Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar

PFLP: The extension of Khalida Jarrar’s detention will not deter her from the struggle. (Photo: via Twitter)

The Israeli military court of Ofer extended the administrative detention of leading member of the Palestinian socialist resistance group, the PFLP Khalida Jarrar for three months, for the third time in a row.

Jarrar, 54, from the West Bank city of Al-Bireh, is a senior leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Commenting the news, the PFLP said that the extension of Jarrar’s detention would not stop her from resisting the occupation.

The PFLP said in a statement that,

“This is an attempt to absent influential leaders from events and developments in Palestine.”

The extension of her detention comes two weeks before Jarrar’s release date.

Israeli forces arrested Jarrar on July 2, 2017; her detention had already been extended in December 2017 and was scheduled to end on June 30.

Jarrar, a leading member of the PFLP, and deputy at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is also the head of the PLC’s prisoners’ committee and the Palestinian representative to the Council of Europe, an international organization promoting human rights and democracy around the world.

Jarrar was released from prison on June 3, 2017, after she had served a 15-month sentence.

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Israeli Air Force Targets Palestinian with ‘Flaming Kites’ (VIDEO)

Masked Palestinian teenagers prepare their ‘flaming kites’ near the Gaza fence. (Photo: via Twitter)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Three Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli fire, Gaza’s health ministry said. The wounded Palestinians were reportedly flying ‘flaming kites’ at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel.

Flying kites is one of the many ways of protest carried out by thousands of youth at the Gaza fence since the start of the Great March of Return on March 30.

Since then, thousands of Gazans have demanded their ‘Right of Return’ to their homes in historic Palestine, now Israel, in accordance with international law.

Creative resistance has been part and parcel of Palestinian mobilization for decades; the most vivid display of this type of resistance dates back to 1987.

In December 1987, the Stones Intifada (First Uprising) set off six year long non-violent protests against the Israeli occupation. The uprising began when four Palestinian workers were run over by an Israeli truck in the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.

The Intifada was a collective act of civil disobedience that rolled out throughout occupied Palestinian areas and manifested in general strikes and mass demonstrations.

During this time Palestinian youngsters perfected the use of multiple tools of resistance, including stone throwing and slingshots.

Today in Gaza, another generation of youth are flying their ‘flaming kites’ across the fences, where they have been trapped for over 11 years. During those years three major Israeli wars were carried out, resulting in the death of thousands of mostly civilians.

The fiery kites are meant to distract Israel snipers who have killed over 130 protesters and wounded over 13,000 more.

Israel’s internal security minister reportedly stated that the army is seeking ‘ethical technological solutions’ to stop the ‘threat’ of kites; however, the new policy now in place allows the Israeli army and air force to treat those flying kites the same way as fighters firing rockets.

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Haidar Eid Performs ‘A New Day’ – an Anthem of Resistance (VIDEO)

A Palestinian woman is taking part of the Great March of Return in Gaza on the 70th anniversary of Nakba. (Photo by Abdallah Aljamal, Palestine Chronicle)

A group of Gaza-based, Palestinian activists and artists has launched a video-clip titled “A New Day” commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the 51st anniversary of the 1967 war, and in support of the Great March of Return.

The original song was performed 51 years ago by the late legendary, Egyptian singer “Abdul Halim Hafez”.

The lyrics were written by the late Egyptian poet “Abdel Rahman Alabnoudi” and composed by “Baligh Hamdi” to express the state of frustration and melancholy accompanied by a strong will of defiance, steadfastness and unwillingness to accept defeat.

The song, at the time, became an anthem of resistance against Israeli occupation.

Israeli Ministers to Back a Bill Criminalizing Filming of Soldiers

Israeli soldiers being filmed as they open fire at protesters in the West Bank. (Photo: Video capture)

Israeli ministers on Sunday are set to back a bill to criminalize the filming of Israeli soldiers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The legislation would see penalties of up to five years in jail for anyone caught filming or publishing video footage of Israeli army activity with the purpose of damaging the “soldiers’ spirit”,  The Times of Israel reported.

Publishing video footage with the intention of “harming state security” could carry a ten-year prison sentence.

The bill was sponsored by the Yisrael Beintenu party and is backed by Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

It is expected to gain the backing of other ministers at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation’s meeting on Sunday.

The bill was first proposed in April after video footage was circulated showing an Israeli sniper cheering after shooting a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli rights group B’Tselem said:

“If the government is embarrassed over the occupation, it should work to bring it to an end. In any case, visual footage of life under occupation will continue. This is a fact of life that no idiotic proposed bill will change.”

In recent years, several incidents of Israeli soldiers using excessive force have been captured on video.

In 2016, Israeli soldier Elor Azaria was filmed executing a wounded Palestinian assailant in Hebron. The soldier was released in May after serving nine months behind bars – half his original sentence.

(Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, PC, Social Media)

Israeli Police, Settlers Clash over West Bank Illegal ‘Outpost’

Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: MEMO)

At least 16 Israelis, including 11 police officers, were injured on Sunday in clashes that erupted when Jewish settlers refused to vacate a settlement outpost built on Palestinian land east of the city of Salfit in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli police were carrying out the eviction order based on an earlier court ruling that the outpost had been built illegally.

Some of the settlers left the site voluntarily, but dozens of others regrouped at nearby Jewish settlements where they staged sit-ins and engaged in limited clashes with police.

The Israeli government seeks to enact a law that would allow homes built by settlers on Palestinian land to remain intact in return for financial compensation to the Palestinian landowners.

Through this so-called “Settlement Law”, Israeli lawmakers hope to legitimize outposts in the West Bank erected by Jewish settlers on Palestinian land.

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