‘Be Confident, Our People’ – This is What Abu Obeida Said in Latest Statement

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida. (Photo: Video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“We saw God’s victory manifest as we stormed the enemy’s fortresses on October 7th, which crumbled before us like a spider’s web.” – Abu Obeida.

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida said in a statement on Saturday that Zionism’s decline has begun, and that Israel is committing massacres because of the “immense pain it feels”.

Abu Obeida, discussed various issues, including the land invasion, the prison swap and Arab solidarity with Gaza.

This is his statement, as received – translated to English – through the group’s Telegram Channel:

Peace upon our people and its great martyrs who ascend every day.

We saw God’s victory manifest as we stormed the enemy’s fortresses on October 7th, which crumbled before us like a spider’s web.

The (Israeli military) occupation’s aggression and its committing of the Holocaust and massacres (in Gaza) are due to the immense pain it feels.


The occupation announced a few days ago the killing of 10 of our fighters in (the southern Israeli area of) ‘Zikim,’ while the attacking force consisted of only three fighters. One fighter alone destroyed three military vehicles and was able to return to Gaza safely.

Waiting for the Enemy

We tell the enemy who threatens a ground invasion daily that we are still waiting for him. We will make the enemy taste a greater defeat than he expected or feared and teach the whole world the meaning of (Palestinian) heroism and (Israeli) deception.

Zionist Decline

The era of selling illusions to the world about the myth of the invincible army, the invulnerable Merkava (tank)], and alleged military and intelligence superiority has ended after we shattered it in front of the world in the ‘Gaza envelope’ (the southern Israeli region that is adjacent to besieged Gaza) and all of Palestine.

The era of Zionism’s decline has begun, and the curse of the eighth decade will befall them. (Repeated warnings by Israeli politicians that Israel might not live past its eight decades.)

Message to the Arabs

We renew our call to the honorable members of the nation to consider this battle a pivotal one in the history of the nation.

To the Arab leaders, we tell you from the heart of the battle that you surely watch its details. We do not ask you to mobilize in defense of the children of Arabism (Arab nation) or to move your tanks, God forbid. Has your weakness and helplessness reached the point where you cannot even mobilize aid to a part of your Arab Islamic land?

The Captives

The enemy’s bombardment has resulted in the death of 50 of its captives so far.

Communications took place regarding the prisoners’ issue. There was an opportunity to reach an agreement, but the enemy stalled.

With the high number of enemy prisoners we have, the price is to liberate all the prisoners from every prison.

If the enemy wants to end the prisoners’ issue once and for all, we are ready. If he wants to fragment the issue, we are also prepared.

Be confident, our people, for our victory is coming.

(Text between brackets, and subtitles have been added by the Palestine Chronicle for the purpose of clarification only. They were not included in the original statement.) 

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