The Canada-Israel Nexus – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles  (The Canada-Israel Nexus.  Eric Walberg.  Clarity Press, Atlanta, Georgia.  2017.) For a complex and critical examination of the relationship between Canada, Israel, Judaism, and Zionism, Eric Walberg’s new work The Canada-Israel […]

Ten Myths About Israel – Book Review

Reviewed by Ludwig Watzal – Bonn (Ilan Pappe, Ten Myths About Israel, Verso, London 2017.) Particularly, in the US and some European States, the Israeli and Zionist versions of history are wide-spread. Israel’s narrative relies on […]

Balfour’s Shadow – A Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Balfour’s Shadow – A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel.  David Cronin. Pluto Press, London. 2017.) The Balfour Declaration, currently accepted by many as the founding legal statement for […]