Complacency – A Poem

By Katherine Mukhar

We, the complacent ones
Basking with Peace
"They are wrong!
Why resist?
Stop the terrorists!”

We, the complacent ones
With Peace
As our house guest
Come and go freely
We have a voice
Yet remain silent
Gagged by Apathy

We, the complacent ones
Know we shrapnel?
Know we napalm?
Know we occupation?
Know we loss of homeland?
Know we despair?
Know we fear of tomorrow?
We, the complacent ones
How smug we are!
Had a child
shot by a sniper?
Home bulldozed today?
Great-great grandpa’s trees
burned down?

We, the complacent ones
Look to our past
Our forefathers
Terrorists? Résistance?
The side of the wall
Decides the label

Munch our chips
as Death walks Palestine

Child dies in father’s arms

Reach for beer
More nuts
Watch the show

are no more than
complacent ones
after all

-Katherine Mukhar lives in Amman, Jordan. She contributed this piece to

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