Fred Habachi: Islamo-Fascism: Their Week Of Panic

Fred Habachi
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There is apprehension in the air among people of goodwill about the proposed designation of a week by members of the Zionist Lobby, their lackeys and mouthpieces to draw attention to what someone has called Islamo-fascism. But I say don’t worry about it, let them have their week because the good which will come after that will be long lasting and will outweigh the possible short term negative effects. In fact, the only reason they are having this week is because they are panicking.

Let these people insult the intelligence of the public and let the public see them for what they are because what is at play now is nothing less than the survival of the Zionist movement. The time has come for Zionism to go rest in peace and we have the opportunity to help him do just that. So let us seize the moment.

There can be no fear among the general public about Islamo-fascism more than there is about Judeo-fascism, Christiano-fascism, Hindo-fascism or any religio-fascism you can think of. The people know that fear should not be about the misuse of something because misuse is a part of our human character as much as DNA is a part of our biology. The fear can only be about who is doing the mischief and how much chance they have to succeed in their endeavor.

A week like the one proposed will give us the chance to explain some things about which the people have asked a few questions but no one gave any answer. The first and most obvious question was this: Who are these Islamo-fascists supposed to be, anyway? Well, even though it is not up to us to answer this question because we are not the ones who made the accusation, we cannot avoid giving a tentative answer as to who, we believe, the finger is pointed at. And this should be our response:

No one spoke of Islamo-fascism before September 11, 2001 even though Islam has been around for a long time. But those who committed the 9/11 act were Muslim youngsters who were previously organized, armed and financed by the United States of America to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan precisely because they were known to be religious zealots.

These kids had a name. It was Mujahedeen which in Arabic means those who practice the Jihad. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Mujahedeen was a glorious name loved by many people, among them President Ronald Reagan. But now, a new word has entered the English lexicon to stand as the official translation for Mujahedeen. That word is Jahadist to which I say: fine by me, have it your way. Mujahedeen or Jihadist, what’s in a name!

Anyway, after these Jihadists won the war against the Soviet Army on behalf of America and its allies, they were abandoned, double-crossed and betrayed by the United States.

In a similar fashion, the Israeli government organized a group to fight Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement in Palestine. That was the Hamas group which the Israel-Zionist Lobby now says is Islamo-fascist. By the way, the word hamas in Arabic means zeal as in religious zealots because this is what the government of Israel was tapping into. Maybe now they will want to have an official translation for the name in English, Yiddish or Hebrew. May I suggest Hamasist or Zealotist?

And then there is the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon which did not exist before Israel invaded that country under the pretext that Yasser Arafat’s Fatah organization was getting too powerful in Lebanon. The result was that Fatah which never had a political wing in the Lebanese Parliament or a military wing equipped with modern weapons was chased out of the country and was replaced by Hezbollah which has both wings and has proved to be a potent force against the Israeli army.

By the way, Hezbollah in Arabic means Party of God. Anyone cares to find another translated version for that? I won’t even try to suggest anything this time because I don’t see the humor in it anymore. It is getting too repetitive and too stale.

In effect then to the extent that there is an Islamo-fascist tendency in those movements, the tendency was created, nurtured, equipped, abandoned, doubled-crossed and betrayed by the United States and by Israel. And more than the United States or Israel, it is the Arabs and the Muslims who now suffer the aftermath of those creations because some Arabs and some Muslims are thought to be too friendly to the US and to Israel. See how things go round and round in a dizzying fashion when the Zionist finger stirs the pot?

It is clear from the brief history of those movements that the small minority of extremists within them take after their creators. In short, if Islamo-fascism exists at all, it is both the son and the reflection of the Zionist-American fascism that made it. The movement was supposed to be a tool in the hand of the creators but then, as it always happens, the tool has turned against the hand that fashioned it. Sometimes they call this phenomenon creating one’s own Frankenstein.

But now the Arab and Muslim governments and their masses find themselves fighting extremism tooth and nail because they know that the armed forces of the United States and Israel will never defeat them for the simple reason that those two entities are the fuel by which the extremist zeal is fired up and kept alive. The more of them you kill, the more of them come to join the movement.

Thus, the Arabs and the Muslims have no choice but to keep on fighting alone until they defeat the extremists or be defeated by them. But as long as America will want to fight them in its own clumsy and idiotic way, those kids will get stronger not weaker. The question now boils down to this: What do the Americans want and what do the Zionists want from all this?

The answer is that America wants to see the defeat of extremism because America itself is on the verge of bankruptcy fighting its own creation. But the Zionists don’t want any of that because without something by which to scare their base and keep on sucking life, limb and treasure from the Americans, the Zionist movement itself will cease to exist.

The trick used by the Lobby to keep extremism alive is to have America fight the Arabs and the Muslims under the pretext of fighting the Islomo-fascists. In so doing, the Zionists accomplish two things; they weaken the enemies of extremism and they inspire more recruits to join the Jihad. And here is where the proposed Islamo-fascist week comes into play.

The purpose of that week is to mobilize the Zionist Fifth column in America to psychologically prepare the youth on the campuses of that nation for a long drawn out war against the Arabs and the Muslims. The length of time they quote these days is 50 years or more. This then is the new hidden agenda of the Zionists and it is slowly unmasking itself.

The reason for the apparent change of tactic is that the Zionists are panicking by the reports which suggest extremism is weakening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus, the Lobby is trying to make America’s commitment a long term one to insure its own survival. However, when the public understands what is happening, it will also realize that the Zionists have the clout to succeed in their Machiavellian endeavor. The people will not be very pleased and we should welcome such a development because it will be an important step in ending the current insanity.

In short, it is better for our side to let the Zionists, their lackeys and mouthpieces organize an Islamo-fascist awareness week because we can take up the challenge and defeat the enemy we see rather than deal with an enemy we cannot see but who whisper his way through the corridors of power to infest the feeble minds of those who hold mighty responsibilities.

This may be an existential challenge for the Zionist movement but it could also be existential for America, and we have been handed the task to save this once fair nation from that perennial evil. Who knows, we may succeed brilliantly.

For now, I say let them smoke themselves out in the open and let us wipe them out fair and square. Our cause is just and this puts us way ahead of them. I may even say it’s unfair that we have all the chips and they have none. But then, they have been unfair to us for half a century so let us savor the moment as we beat them at their own game.

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