Imad Shahin of My Refugee Camp in Gaza Was Killed and His Body Was Stolen by His Murderers

Imad Shanin taking part in the Great March of Return. (Photo: Abdallah Aljamal, Palestine Chronicle)

Palestine Chronicle photojournalist, Abdallah Aljamal snapped this photo of the 17-year-old boy, Imad Shahin in Gaza last month.

Imad is from my refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, Al-Nuseirat. He was injured by Israeli Occupation soldiers five times in the past. One of these injuries resulted in the loss of several of Imad’s toes.

Yet he continued to actively take part in the Great March of Return at the fence separating besieged and impoverished Gaza from Israel.

On November 3rd, he was shot by an Israeli sniper while protesting near Maghazi refugee camp, in central Gaza.

However, he is yet to be buried as a martyr by his people because his body has been kidnapped by the soldiers who killed him.

When we asked Imad to have his photo taken, back on October 5, he obliged, but kept the serious look on his face as he quickly returned to the ‘frontlines’ raising his fist, chanting for a free Palestine, and telling his future killers that he would die before turning his back on Gaza.

Let’s too never turn out back on Gaza and Palestine so that we may stay true to the legacy of Imad Shahin.

When the Martyrs Go to Sleep

By Mahmoud Darwish

When the martyrs go to sleep I wake up to guard them against professional mourners

I say to them: I hope you wake in a country with clouds and trees, mirage and water.

I congratulate them on their safety from the incredible event, from

the surplus-value of the slaughter.

I steal time so they can snatch me from time. Are we all martyrs?

I whisper: friends, leave one wall for the laundry line. Leave a night

for singing.

I will hang your names wherever you want, so sleep awhile, sleep on

the ladder of the sour vine tree

So I can guard your dreams against the daggers of your guards and the plot of the Book against the prophets.

(Translated by Abdullah al-Udhari)

– Ramzy Baroud, Palestine Chronicle Editor

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