In Netanyahu Speech, Nasrallah Sees ‘Threats’

The Hezbollah secretary general says the recent remarks by the Israeli premier served to re-assert the eternal Tel Aviv policy of disregard for the Palestinian interests.

On Monday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent accession to the restricted existence of a Palestinian state was meant to "remind the Arabs of former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon’s famous comment on the Arab peace initiative when he said that such initiative is not worth the ink it was written with."

Sharon made the remark in 2002 and in the wake of the launch of the peace efforts.

The negligence, which has been invariably materialized by the Israeli military’s non-stop offensives on the Palestinian territories, has been maintained under Sharon’s successors Ehud Olmert and Netanyahu.

On Sunday, the premier recapitulated Tel Aviv’s tough pre-conditions for a Middle East peace accord. He insisted that any future Palestinian state be denied a military and "recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people."

The speech was followed by admiration on the part of the Western media but was attacked by the rivaling Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah who successively marked out the old routine.

"Netanyahu came to tell Arabs the truth, to inform them of his vision of the future of the region," added the Hezbollah chief.

Nasrallah went on to warn of the ‘threats’ that the address had begun posing to the entire region and cautioned the ‘moderate’ Arab states against falling for the remarks.

"Netanyahu’s speech frustrated the hopes and bets of all Arabs, governments and all the so-called moderate Arabs. It put an end to the wishes of all those who were betting on the possibility to reach a compromise in the region."

(Press TV)

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