Islam-bashing Race is On

By Iqbal Jassat
Is there any basis for believing that 9/11 commemoration events marking its 11th anniversary, has been subdued in most parts of ‘official’ America?
Sounds absurd and out of character for the empire?
Strange too especially if you consider that it is election year! A time that is usually characterized by hype and jingoism by both contesting parties.

For Mitt Romney, a grand opening to propel himself as a better choice than Barack Hussein Obama in protecting Americans against terror attacks.
For Obama on the other hand, a victory parade as the commander-in-chief that hunted down and executed America’s most wanted enemy accused as the mastermind behind 9/11: Osama bin Laden!
Yet to the surprise of many analysts, 9/11 memorials lacked much of the politicking associated with previous events of the past.
Why was it out of gear this time?
Whatever the reasons, the US is caught up in the middle of a raging storm that has led it to shut down dozens of its diplomatic missions in North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.
Its embassies and consular operations have been targeted for protest actions by hundreds of thousands of Muslims throughout the region.

Many of these demonstrations have turned violent leading to the death of its ambassador in Libya and effectively placing its missions under siege as protests grew across other regions too.
Fury that had been sparked by a third-rate movie deliberately produced to mock, ridicule and insult Muslims and Islam was followed by equally provocative adverts in subways across US cities.
That these blasphemous and highly insensitive actions targeting Muslims are linked to Israel in a climate of invasions, wars, occupations and drone killings and in the shadow of 9/11 anniversary, cannot be seen in isolation.
The notorious fraudster claimed to be allied to the empire’s powerful Zionist lobby operations whose members funded the filthy movie is in hiding.
On the other hand Pamela Geller,  the subway ad campaigner whose blatant denigration of Muslims as "savage" and call to "defend Israel" by opposing "Jihad" remains publicly belligerent!
Alongside these vile and disgusting Islamophobic actions by groups closely allied to Israel operating without any substantial censure from the Obama administration, we have the French spectacle seeking to outpace the collective of Islam-bashers!
That freedom of expression has been invoked by France to defend incitement while freedom to protest has been denied to Muslims, reveals a paradox plaguing contemporary liberal democracies.
Unable to come to terms with Islam is yet another major failing on the part of the west. This firmly places the guilt of intolerance on their shoulders not on the aggrieved party whose victimization is unfairly ignored!
Yet we find media commentators and political pundits seeking answers about why Muslims are intolerant!

Strange indeed!
In the fog of the fury unleashed by unbridled hate and venom by well-funded and highly organized Islamophobes, taking the eye off Israel and its destabilizing role within the empire will be misplaced!
– Iqbal Jassat is an Executive Member of the Media Review Network, Johannesburg – South Africa. He contributed this article to

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