Letter to the Editor: Bravo Gaza

To the Editor:

Bravo Gaza!

Yesterday the women and children of Gaza set out to protest the infamous Wall at the Rafah crossing and were beaten up by Egyptian police. The scene was a reminder of the women of Beit Hanoun who walked to the mosque during the Beit Hanoun massacre in 2006.

Who shall forget that scene flashed across the world? And who shall forget the stirring speech of Jamila Al-Shanti, women legislator of the PLC decalring that Palestinians will never give up their struggle (The Guardian)!

With such heroic women and such a heroic people the liberation of Palestine has become unstoppable. Today’s news of the breach of the Wall and the beginning of the end of the siege is most heartening. The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Movement, the various struggles of pro Palestinian activists, the solidarity movements and the actions of the relevant UN organs are all important. But it is the Palestinians and their leaders who have demonstrated that their will to freedom will not be broken!

Cheers to the women of Palestine, cheers to the Palestinian people and their leaders!  Palestine will be liberated, not some day, but soon!

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

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