Letter to the Editor: Gaza Freedom

To the Editor:

For a couple of days the people of Gaza got to taste the sort of freedom people everywhere else in the world take for granted. Now they are being herded back into their “cattle pen” with “cattle prods.” 

The Egyptian authorities have to be given a little credit for handling their neighbours with a degree of dignity but in the end, that which takes priority with the Mubarak government, as with all the governments whose loyalty has been bought and paid for by the US on behalf of their Zionist lords and masters, is financial gain.

Hamas must be applauded, they have shown, once again, that the welfare of their people takes priority and they gave their people a breathing space and though it didn’t last long, it has lifted the spirits of the beautiful people of Gaza which may carry them through even more inhumane hardship and suffering.

My thoughts and the thoughts of many others are with them and I’m sure that I speak for many when I wish these people all the peace and love they deserve.

Ingrid B Mørk.

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