Letter to the Editor: Retired Captains, Bavarian Corporals

Dear Editor of The Palestine Chronicle:

So Bush claims that Democrats are unfit to lead!  Well, according to the pollsters, Americans might be coming around to their own views as to who is fit to lead.

Bush considers Don Rumsfeld to be a great leader.  Yet evidence is overwhelming that retired captains are no better at generaling than were Bavarian corporals.  Not much doubt now as to why this guy never "made flag".  Perhaps we should dig up those 650,000 dead Iraqis and ask them what they think of his leadership!

What about Condi Rice!  Is she one of Bush’s great leaders?  She sat through an urgent July (2001) briefing from Tenent (Head of the CIA) on the imminent al Qaeda threat and "didn’t understand it".  Ashcroft, on the other hand, got the same briefing a few days later and immediately stopped flying on commercial jets.  Little wonder that Ashcroft bailed on this Administration.  Too bad the rest of us can’t!

As for "Last Throes" Cheney and "Mission Accomplished" Bush, where is any evidence they have leadership skills (as distinct from their skills as world-class liars).  Do we really want their advice on leadership?  That’s like asking Osama (Yeah, he’s still around) to teach religious tolerance.

Consider the results of six years of Republican "leadership".  Are we safer?  Are we better off?  Is the world a better place?  I think we know the answers to those questions.  Election 2006 is only for House and Senate members; but (By Voting!) might give us a chance to restore some dignity and integrity in Washington.  Be a patriot!  Take the time to Vote!

Creigh Shank
Little Rock, AR, USA

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