Netanyahu Says US is Part of New ‘Axis’!

he pressure is increasing on Obama over his foreign policy; and it’s time for supporters of peace to line up behind him. Today in his efforts to counter the Iran deal, Netanyahu called the US part of the “Axis,” a naked reference to Nazi Germany and its allies in World War 2. Jerusalem Post:

“After the Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad axis, Iran is carrying out a pincer movement from the south to take over and occupy the entire Middle East. The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous to humanity and it must be stopped,” he said.

Lausanne means the P5+1 who are trying to negotiate the deal. Netanyahu then tweeted so no one would miss the message:

Dylan Williams of J Street challenges the rightwing Israel lobby to condemn the remarks.

Netanyahu says US part of an “axis” that is a “danger to humanity.” Where is the outrage @AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] @ADL_National [Anti Defamation League] @AJCGlobal? [American Jewish Committee]

The Republicans are on Netanyahu’s side of course. Netanyahu met with Senator Mitch McConnell today in Jerusalem. And here’s more hate-filled rhetoric from Senator John McCain speaking on the Senate floor, five days ago, endorsing a neoconservative’s call that Obama be treated “with contempt.”

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