Palestine Youth Urge Israeli Boycott

Palestinian students and youth groups across West Bank and Gaza have signed a petition calling for a massive boycott of Israeli products and programs.

The document, endorsed by more than 40 Palestinian university councils and youth groups, demanded a ban on any "economic, political, cultural and institutional" activities that could normalize relations between Palestine and Israel.

Such activities would "legitimize Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people by giving the appearance of normalcy to the relationship between oppressor and oppressed," a statement from the student groups said.

The declaration further condemned Israel for stealing Palestinian lands and preventing Palestinian refugees from returning to their homeland, describing the measure as being "in contravention of international law and numerous UN resolutions."

They also vowed to reject "any Israeli-Palestinian meetings that do not recognize our inalienable rights, and explicitly aim to resist Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid."

The communique further described a series of measures the students intended to take before May 15th, when Palestinians mark the Day of Nakba.

The occasion commemorates the displacement of some 750,000 Palestinians during the occupation of Palestine in 1948, which led to the formation of Israel.

Israeli aggression has forced millions of Palestinians into exile, of whom a UN-estimated 4.7 million currently live in camps in the occupied West Bank and neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

(Press TV)

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