Palestinians Take to Twitter to React to Kerry’s Speech on Palestine, Israel

John Kerry delivering his Palestine-Israel policy speech at the end of Obama's second term. (Photo: Video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Following John Kerry’s speech on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, described as one of the ‘harshest speeches’ to be delivered on Israel by a US official in years, Palestinians took to social media to describe their reaction to this speech.

The following report highlights what some Palestinian activists have posted on Twitter starting immediately following the speech.

Palestinian Gaza-based activist Omar Gharib said he does not care about what US officials says because Palestine remains under occupation.

Another activist with the name ‘Adnan’ said Kerry’s claim that Hamas is willing to kill innocents is simply not true and that the 2014 war death toll speak for itself. 

Debbi Morello quoted Kerry as saying “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire.”

Josh Stacher published a map that shows how Palestinian ownership of land has declined dramatically over the years.

Alexandra Halaby noted that Kerry’s speech should not make Palestinians forget US’s collaboration with Israel’s war crimes.

The reaction of Palestinians on twitter to Kerry’s speech reflected Palestinians’ disappointment with the so-called peace process which has brought more loss of Palestinian land and further entrenched the Israeli occupation. 


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