Peace Trees of Palestine – A Poem

By Lise Brouillette

Standing upright branches lifted up

swaying in the wind in a prayer to Allah

silently waiting for

raining death or retribution

If every olive of every tree

that was uprooted and burned was pressed

it yet would not produce enough tears

to cry for Al-Nakbah

If every drop of oil was dropped

in the hearts grieving for Al-Nakbah

the fire would be high enough

to create a sun for the night

If every grain of sand in a desert

created by the killing of the trees

was lifted by the wind if would twist

in a funnel that could engulf the world

Beware the avalanche that threatens

when too much snow is falling

on top of a shaking mountain

A singing voice that tells the truth

can never be killed

For even if you silence the singer

the voice lives on in the memory

of all who heard it even once

And they will lift their own voices

joining together

In a flood

or a funnel

or an avalanche.

-Lise Brouillette worked extensively as a translator. She lives in Montreal. She contributed this poem to

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