Stand up for Freedom: Message from Mohammed Al-Qeeq

Cartoon depicting Mohammed al-Qeq in his hospital bed. (Image: Mohammed Sabaaneh)

Mohammed Al-Qeeq, the 33-year-old Palestinian journalist who waged a 94-day hunger strike while in Israeli custody was finally released last week. His message to his fellow prisoners is: stand up to Israel’s unjust detention policies.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency he referred to his imprisonment as, “a bitter experience, but it taught me to stand up for my rights and my freedom in the face of the [Israeli] occupation.”

He added, “Our hunger-strikes have broken Israel’s arrogance and shown that a belief in the justice of our cause will ultimately lead to victory.”

Al-Qeeq said that Palestinian prisoners would continue to resist until they received their legitimate rights and that “the Israeli occupation tried – in every way – to break my hunger-strike, but it failed to do so.”

He went on to commend the role of the Palestinian people in supporting him during his months-long hunger-strike.

“Popular solidarity played a significant role in making the Israeli authorities sign the deal [for my release],” he said.

Al Qeeq asserted that “Israel has raided TV channels and arrested dozens of reporters — but it will never silence Palestinian journalists,” Al-Qeeq said.


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