Talented Palestinian: Tell Me Your Name; I’ll Tell You Your Birthday (VIDEO)

Adyan Aqil can recall 35, 000,000 pieces of information in 3 seconds. (Photo: via Wafa)

18-year-old Palestinian, Adyan Aqil, from the West Bank village of Bidya has an unprecedented talent – she could tell the birthday of 80% of the 11,000 residents in her village, along with stating the day of the week of any date one might mention in 100,000 years, in less than three seconds, Sama News Agency reported.

Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education, Sabry Saidam, awarded Aqil the Palestine Ambassador for Mental Creativity title in recognition of her talent.

Aqil’s talent was noticed as early as her 5th grade when she would congratulate her classmates on their birthdays and the birthdays of their family members, much to their surprise.

(Adyan Aqil, ‘Palestine’s calendar’ and its numbers ambassador)

Aqil told Wafa News Agency that her talent was revealed when she was still young and that she dealt with it as a form of entertainment at first, yet “Two years ago, I discovered that I have a talent of telling days and dates for hundreds of years in less than three seconds.”

When she was asked what day the July 28, 2028 would be, she replied, “Friday.”

Aqil said, “I don’t know how I reach to these conclusions, adding that she also learned the number of verses of each chapter in the Holy Quran.

Aqil hopes to study astronomy, to participate in talent programs such as Arabs Got Talent, and to represent Palestine by raising the Palestinian flag.

She will participate in a talent program in Algeria next month, which will also include 307 participants from 17 countries. She hopes to attain first position in.

Iyad Hamouda who heads “The Important Person” program, told Wafa, “Adyan is a talented girl. She could recall 35,000,000 pieces of information in 100,000 years with no mistakes whatsoever.” He added, “She could think twice as quickly as she would talk and this in unprecedented.”


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