Tel Aviv, Peace and the Obama Prize

By Jeff Gates

The Nobel Committee again piqued the interest of those who marvel at the impact of an annual ritual of global branding that in 1973 labeled Henry Kissinger a peace laureate. As with many aspects of unconventional warfare, what emerges in the foreground often obscures behavior that remains concealed in the background.

Anyone paying attention knows that pro-Israelis manipulated the intelligence that induced the U.S. to invade Iraq. That same source is now hoping to expand this war to Iran—without being detected. In an irony of epic proportions, this award may enable that deceit.

Pundits charge that Barack Obama was given the 2009 peace prize for Not Being Bush. The Nobel Committee cited Obama’s multilateralism in contrast to Bush’s unilateralism. Yet the same pro-Israeli networks that deployed phony intelligence to manipulate decision-making in the Bush presidency remain active inside the Obama presidency. At least Bush had the mass murder of 9-11 to rationalize his choices.

The manipulation of consensus beliefs discredited the U.S. when it went to war on fixed intelligence. A similar mental manipulation generated consensus support for trade and financial policies that systematically devastated the U.S. economy. The challenge for Tel Aviv is how best to continue its agenda for Greater Israel now that the manipulation of public opinion has grown more transparent—and when entire communities, reeling from the impact of massive financial frauds, are aware that something fundamental is amiss.

Those consensus-enabled frauds include the savings and loan bust of the 1980s, the dotcom crash of 2000 and the recent subprime mortgage meltdown with its massive bailout of Wall Street’s financial elite. In the mid-1990s, a similar consensus-enabled fraud impoverished tens of millions of Russians while leaving a legacy of oligarchs in its wake.

In a nation whose population, like the U.S., is less than two percent Ashkenazim, six of Russia’s seven richest oligarchs (84%) qualify for Israeli citizenship. Similarly, a list of the top 50 neoconservatives advocating war in Iraq reveals 26 (52%) who are Jewish. Likewise a review of Nobel laureates in economic science confirms that the awards largely honor Ashkenazi “Chicago School” economists.

As financial freedom emerged—by consensus—as a proxy for human freedom, this “Chicago” mindset created oligarchies worldwide, undermining both democracies and markets. The model’s fixation on money, since branded the “Washington” consensus, gained global traction as its advocates were lionized as Nobel laureates—discrediting the U.S. in the process.

Obscuring a Criminal State

Consensus beliefs explain how frauds can progress in plain sight as faith-based psy-ops displace facts with what a targeted public can be deceived to accept as true. Deception works the same regardless whether the fraud is a shared belief in Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or a consensus faith in the infallibility of unfettered financial markets. The only modern aspect of this ancient craft is the technological means to defraud on a global scale.

For consensus frauds to become systemic requires lengthy pre-staging and political cooperation. Once a long-deceived public grasps the duplicity at the heart of this mental and emotional manipulation, they will see for themselves its common source—which brings us to this latest Nobel peace prize.

Though Barack Obama conceded he did not deserve it, that misses the point. The primary national security issue he now faces is what strategy to pursue in the quagmire of Afghanistan. His senior military advisers recommend a troop surge to create the stability required for a drawdown of forces.

Others urge a speedy withdrawal. That strategy would leave in place the forces that will reconstitute the Taliban and provide a haven for Al Qaeda there and in neighboring Pakistan. This peace prize complicates the option to escalate. That may well be its purpose.

A quick withdrawal would also help pre-stage a consensus that the next Evil Doer comes from this region. Plus Afghanistan and Pakistan provide a plausible source of serial crises to deflect attention from resolving Israel’s brutal six-decade occupation of Palestine. Thus the enthusiasm for Obama’s award from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

To date, the U.S. has lost ground in every negotiation with this Israeli leader. The issue of settlements was relegated to background noise. At U.S. urging, the U.N. deferred consideration of the Goldstone Report on Gaza despite facts confirming dozens of Israeli war crimes. By pressuring a Palestinian leader to endorse deferral, U.S. diplomats further undermined the prospects for peace. Meanwhile, Jewish extremists are fueling the hostilities required for a third Intifada.

Branding an Asset

With the expansionist goals of Greater Israel yet to be fulfilled, Tel Aviv needs a U.S. president perceived as a mediator akin to peace laureate Mother Teresa. For a laureate to escalate a war conflicts with the Nobel brand. Obama the Peacemaker can now justify the rapid withdrawal sought by pro-Israelis, his political base and Norwegian peaceniks.

In return, he can be portrayed as heroic—for advancing their agenda. Meanwhile Israel can justify a unilateral preemptive attack on Iran using U.S.-provided bunker-buster bombs, plausibly citing self-defense now that the Peace President is conflicted. That attack will ensure the crises required to help obscure the common source of this systemic criminality. Should the U.S. military object, critics can point to a recent record of dissent on troop strength in Afghanistan and on a policy shift on gays in the military.

Any attack in the U.S. or the E.U. will be blamed on crises in the Middle East, enabling critics to charge that Obama capitulated to Europeans who embrace peace at any price. Though Obama is now being lionized, he will then be demonized. The result will discredit his presidency, endanger the U.S. and pave the way for a more militant successor, a strategic victory for Tel Aviv as the next presidency is likewise staffed with Zionists and pro-Israelis.

Barack Obama is a political product of Chicago Ashkenazim who trace directly to Jewish organized crime of the 1920s. This prize may embolden a trans-generational criminal syndicate for whom peace is an obstacle to the perpetual warfare required to advance Colonial Zionist goals.

This award was announced soon after Obama described Israel as “the Jewish state.” That code phrase outraged Muslims worldwide, particularly those whose lands are occupied by an apartheid government. Only America’s first African-American president could endorse racist policies certain to push the parties closer to war. Instead of being denounced, he was awarded a Nobel peace prize.

This award is welcome news for a global syndicate scrambling to obscure the common source of the manipulated beliefs that induced war in Iraq—and the common source of the consensus beliefs that enabled financial frauds in the U.S., Russia and worldwide.

To a dispirited public looking for hope, has this Chicagoan been positioned to raise those hopes only to dash them? The facts suggest that this inexperienced commander-in-chief has unwittingly allowed his office to be manipulated by those who mean to make a bad situation worse—possibly far worse.

How can any nation trust that U.S. policy is crafted in Washington and not Tel Aviv? Barack Obama could concede that those who produced his political career are the source of this consensus manipulation. Only with that concession will this prize become deserved.

– Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association, Democracy at Risk and The Ownership Solution. He contributed this article to Contact him at:

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