US Plot against Hamas

By Debbie Menon

Leaked Documents Reveal ‘US Plot against Hamas.’

This is nothing unexpected, is it?

Of course! When you are master of world affairs, and you deal all the cards to all the hands at the table, you cannot afford to have wild cards or wild players running loose.

One document, dated March 2007, states “the plan will enable the Palestinian leadership to be more credible in the eyes of Israel and the others.” A clearly stated objective of US Foreign Policy, with explicit definition of US priorities.

It is unfortunate that Fatah played into the hands of US foreign policy. The unity government failed to end factional fighting and in June, Hamas seized Gaza, dividing the Palestinian territories into Gaza and the Fatah-controlled West Bank. "Factional fighting" can be sponsored, inspired or conducted by any of the large number of covert agencies all of whom are working effectively in Palestine and, if not actually conducted, then a few staged events and a compliant press would be adequate to make it appear so anyway. Then we blame whomever it is expedient to blame to further our purposes.

Rice said she had not read the report in Vanity Fair magazine which quoted a former US intelligence official said to be knowledgeable of the US plans to overthrow Hamas after it failed to convince Abbas to dissolve the cabinet. She has an inside track and does not have to read anything in VF. Besides, she is intimate with the truth of the lie, or the lie of the truth, or both cases.

She also added: "It is very clear that Hamas is being armed. And it is very clear that they are being armed in part by the Iranians." Responding to Rice’s comments about Iranian support for Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, the exiled Hamas political leader, told Aljazeera, Rice was "lying". And, why not? If a lie is expedient, and sufficient arrogance is applied when told, it is no longer a lie, it becomes the expedient truth! "Their main concern is to provoke Iran," Meshaal said. "I’m saying it again if they have proof of this let them produce it". "Everyone knows the origins of the Israeli weapons, it’s American made while our men are using very simple homemade arms," he said

Well, history has demonstrated that Israel can kill without discrimination or compunction when they "have to" and they will still come out, bloody (with other people’s blood) heads bowed but standing. They will also manage, with lies and aplomb to do whatever is necessary to the Gazans, and then they will apologize to the world, explain how they were forced to do it and also lie about how necessary it all was.

I sometimes wonder whether Israel’s massive immigration policies are not a long-range plan to face a one man vote situation by importing votes enough to outnumber Palestinians. If so, they have a long way to go, continuing to build houses and importing as many votes as possible, and killing opposition votes, and it would be a task akin to bailing out the ocean with a small dipper… but who can account for the schemes of Zionists?

The only possible scenario for Palestine would be: a two state solution, with partitioned borders, and all refugees wanting to return. East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestine (Hamas has accepted that) with basic Palestine Law duly modified. One State solution would be ideal, one man, one vote, but in the real world, where Israeli Politik exists, it is unlikely that it will ever happen. Therefore, in my estimate, although far from desirable, a Two-State arrangement, which I shall not grace with the term "solution," may be the only achievable, however unacceptable, arrangement possible with the co-operation of Hamas. They are a mass movement, with strong roots among the people and with an active determined leadership. If such an arrangement can be agreed upon, and if it stops the bloodshed, then by all means, they should do it and sort out the details later on.
Great Men such as Gandhi, Mandela or King, did not emerge and rise from a vacuum, nor stand on a pillar of their own making. Time and circumstances impelled by a massive body of popular need, ideals and dreams of the people, thrust them to the fore, and sustained them until they met their ends. They were the servants who sowed the fields of the masters, the people, who live long after them, to reap the harvest. That many have allowed the harvest to corrupt and rot, unused, in soils of their own making is not the fault of the Great Men, who sowed the seeds.

Fortress Israel cannot and will not be defeated either by wishful thinking or the isolated struggle of protest groups and peace groups; two perfect formulae for absolute failure!

I see no prevailing coordinated or mass movement in any camps, except Fortress Israel, which indicates to me that they are winning, or at least having their way. The only recourse for Palestinians is to unite and stay committed to their struggle. Palestine is the last of the liberation struggles. They will prevail, not some day, but soon!

-Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She contributed this article to Contact her at

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