Voyage of the ‘Little People’ Shames West

By Stuart Littlewood – London
A small band of brave, humanitarian-minded volunteers in a couple of hired boats have done, in the name of human decency, what the leaders of the US, Britain and the EU, with their mighty navies, were too spineless to do in the name of justice.
I’m delighted the Free Gaza boats got through, and thoroughly ashamed to be ruled by a western mafia that connives with the Middle East’s racial supremacists to blockade and crush the innocent people of Gaza.
The Little People’s courageous voyage from Cyprus called the Israelis’ bluff. To serve its greedy purpose the Zionist entity invented and imposed its own maritime law, which has no basis in international law. So, whether its gunboats intercepted the voyagers or let them through, it would be a PR disaster for Israel. And it was.

Now the Israeli propaganda machine lashes out to brand the Little People “provocateurs” working for Hamas.

“It’s a Hamas publicity stunt” claims Israel

The very next day the Israeli News Agency was squealing in panic: "The terror group Hamas tried to stage a media PR event and failed big time."
Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesmen Arye Mekel told the agency: "We knew about this Hamas attempt to create a PR event at sea for weeks… We knew who’s on these boats and what they contain, and therefore we decided weeks ago to allow them to come into Gaza. They were not carrying weapons and had only a handful of equipment for the hearing impaired."
So why the Israeli threats and intimidation right up to the last minute?

"One cannot place any responsibility on the Palestinian Authority for these theatrics as the PA has no control of Gaza," said Mekel, apparently eager to protect his Ramallah partners and vilify the democratically elected government holed up in Gaza.

The Agency went on to say that the residents of Gaza were disappointed by the total lack of food that was "supposed to have been brought in by the two Palestine boats carrying international leftist activists… who support Hamas suicide bombers and rocket attacks on Israel towns and cities." According to a ministry spokesperson, they showed "a complete and total disregard for innocent Israel terror victims".

The Foreign Ministry said these foreign supporters of Hamas did not deserve to be referred to as "peace activists" and labeled them a "handful of provocateurs seeking a public relations stunt who initiated a political protest aimed at boosting Hamas’ regime of horrors in Gaza."

The Israeli News Agency and its government masters would have us believe that Prof Jeff Halper (a prominent and much-respected Israeli Jew living in Jerusalem), 81 year-old Catholic nun Anne Montgomery, journalist Lauren Booth, Dr Edith Lutz and the 40 other activists who sailed with noble intention on the SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty were really doing it all for Hamas.

Government officials emphasised, said the Agency, that sincere humanitarian groups could continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population. Oh? So how come a van containing 1.5 tons of urgently needed medical supplies donated by the kind folk of Scotland was prevented from entering Gaza for nearly 4 weeks and had to head back home with its precious cargo still on board?

The Agency’s report carries a footnote saying it was edited and search-engine optimised by an Israeli communications company that claims on its website "the highest standards of intellect, creativity and integrity".

You have to laugh.

-Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit He contributed this article to

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