PFLP Prisoners to Stage Two-day Hunger Strike

A child carries the poster of imprisoned PFLP leader, Ahmad Saadat. (Photo: File)

Ala’aa Alkabee, the PFLP’s officer in charge of prisoners in Israeli jails has announced that imprisoned PFLP members will stage a two-day hunger strike from today to protest Israeli restrictions imposed on them.

Alakabee told Bawabit Alhadaf website that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), following the victory of PFLP prisoner Bilal Kayed, has imposed restrictions on PFLP prisoners, including imposing fines on them, denying them family visits and confiscating their personal belongings.

He noted that the “IPS through the PFLP prisoners would deal properly with the restrictions imposed on them because of their support for Bilal Kayed, yet prisoners surprised the IPS by announcing a two-day hunger strike to protest these restrictions.”

Alkabee added that prisoners want to send a message to the IPS that even “if Belal Kayed suspended his hunger strike, we will continue to support other prisoners on hunger strike.”

Four Palestinian prisoners are still on hunger strike to protest their administrative detention orders in Israeli jails without charge or a trial.

(PC, Bawabat Alhadaf)

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