Zionist Tactics Condemned in France

Crowds in Paris protesting an attack on a French bookstore have called on officials to dismantle the allegedly responsible Jewish militant group.

Four members of the Jewish Defense League were arrested on Sunday for breaking into the store run by pro-Palestinian activists. The masked attackers trashed the store, setting books ablaze and smashing computers.

The rally outside the Resistances bookstore attracted activists shouting against intimidation by the strong-arm tactics of the JDL.

“Imagine for one minute if this is a Jewish library, sure I would think that even [Nicolas] Sarkozy, the president would come here to say something about it,” French activist Liliana Cordova Kaczerginski, from the international Jewish anti-Zionist network told Press TV on Wednesday.

The LDJ has denied any involvement in the incident although the attackers had rushed in through the front door yelling loudly and claiming to be members of the group.

The group had previously attacked a bookstore located in a quiet residential neighborhood of the 17th arrondissement in northwest Paris in 2006. No arrests were made at the time.

The protestors have called on the French government to ban the extremist group — a move already been made in the United States and Israel.

(Press TV)

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