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Abbas: Time to Move Forward

By Stuart Littlewood The day before the United Nations vote on Palestine, UK foreign secretary William Hague was explaining his devious policy to Parliament. “We support a negotiated settlement leading to a safe and secure […]

UN Welcomes State of Palestine

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Thursday to upgrade Palestine to a “non-member state” at the United Nations, implicitly recognizing a Palestinian state. There were 138 votes in favor, nine against and […]

A Real State Means Real Work

(Editor’s Note: This article by late Professor Edward Said was published in Al-Ahram Weekly On-line (1 – 7 October 1998 – Issue No.397). It is republished here due to the direct relevance between the topic […]

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Terrors – A Poem

By Francis Oeser Medea is myth. Of course the Greeks were garralously self-conscious, naked and proud of it. Proud as gods (beyond the ordinary). Preposterous: no one murders kith and kin. Not even gods! Gods […]

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Gaza Has Changed the World

By Zaakir Ahmed Mayet In 2008 the world was filled with hope as global attention centered on the first black president entering the White House. As the New Year approached, families, friends and loved ones […]