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In Valiant Fortitude – A Poem

By Soraya Boyd Unlawfully pincered between harsh collective punishment and base military aggression The tear bedabbled faces of innocent children in constant lacrimation Afforded no respite cling desperately to their progenitor for safety and protection […]

2012: Hype and Realism

By Jamal Kanj The year 2012 was the last in the 21st century to have matching day, month and year (12-12-12.) It will be another nine decades before new congruent calendar is possible. That wasn’t, […]

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Video: The General’s Son

Miko Peled is a peace activist. Born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well-known Zionist family, his grandfather, Dr. Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His Father, […]