Israel Has Sight Set on Dahlan to Rule Gaza

Israel has hopes of dismissed Fatah leader, Mohamed Dahlan, being appointed as governor of the Gaza Strip, a military analyst for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported yesterday. Alex Fishman stated that Israel might go beyond having Dahlan in Gaza, and aim to have […]

Stolen Joys – A Poem

By Nour El-Borno – Gaza   Moons shine through her eyes As she walks past her house: Here, she once laughed; There, she once cried.   “I remember,” she whispers.   The dark hours that […]

Egypt Denies Sea Borders Discussion with PA

Palestinian Authority (PA) foreign ministry yesterday refused to comment on Egypt’s denial that the two authorities are discussing their mutual sea borders, Quds Press reported. PA ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour had allegedly begun negotiations with […]

Muhammad Ali: An American Tale

By Jamal Kanj It is fair to assume that most readers today can’t name the current heavyweight boxing champion. The same people would, however, most likely name the champion from 50 years ago. That’s what […]

Song about Normalization!

The latest spate of  acts of normalization conducted by some Arab writers (eg. Amin Maalouf’s interview on a right-wing Israeli satellite channel) and official Palestinian, and Arab, participation in the Herzilya conference are just two […]