Song about Normalization!

(Photo: Patrick Strickland, PC, file)

The latest spate of  acts of normalization conducted by some Arab writers (eg. Amin Maalouf’s interview on a right-wing Israeli satellite channel) and official Palestinian, and Arab, participation in the Herzilya conference are just two examples that have generated a huge debate in Palestine and the Arab world. These words– taken from a poem written by the late Egyptian poet Abdurrahman Elabnoudi, and performed by Haidar Eid–capture the mood prevalent amongst most Palestinians and Arabs.

He who puts his father’s home on sale

Could as well put his sister and his mother on sale,

His memories, sorrow and emotions,

He could sell  his comrades,

There is no room for love in his heart,

He could put  his own sons on sale,


(Palestine Chronicle)

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