23 Palestinian Children, 7 Women Freed from Israeli Prisons

Families of Palestinian prisoners awaiting the arrival of the Red Cross bus in Ramallah. (Photo: Video grab, AJA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

30 Palestinians, including 23 children and seven women, were released by the Israeli Prison authorities in the early hours of Friday, December 1. 

The freed Palestinians are considered the seventh batch of Palestinian detainees released by the Israeli military in the ongoing prisoner exchanges between Israel and the Palestinian Resistance. 

The released detainees include Ahdab Mohammed Ali Hourani, Saif Al-Din Mohammed Abdurrahman, and Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Marzouk. 

All seven women come from areas inside the Green Line – Palestinian communities inside Israel. 

The arrival of the latest batch came hours after eight Israelis were released by the Palestinian Resistance in the Gaza Strip. 

The Israeli captives were released in two separate ceremonies, one earlier in the day, in the middle of the Palestine Square in Gaza, and another at night, in an undisclosed location. 

Like the Israeli captives, the freed Palestinians were transported via Red Cross vehicles. 

There are thousands of Palestinian detainees and prisoners in Israeli prisons, most of them were either tried before military courts or were held without charges or trials. 

The Palestinian Resistance insists that they will only release all Israelis currently held in Gaza, including over 100 military officers and soldiers, if all Palestinian prisoners are freed from Israel. 

There are currently over 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israel. They are accused either of carrying out Resistance attacks against the Israeli military, suspected of resisting the Israeli occupation, or inciting violence. 

The incitement charges often include social media statements, images, or stories. 

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