Dismantling Israeli Settler Colonialism: In Conversation with Francesca Albanese (PODCAST)

In this episode of 'Palestine In Perspective', Paul Salvatori talks with Francesca Albanese. (Image: The Palestine Chronicle)

By Paul Salvatori  

In this episode of ‘Palestine In Perspective’, host and Toronto-based writer for The Palestine Chronicle, Paul Salvatori, talks with Francesca Albanese—current United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

Albanese shares the findings of and challenges in producing her most recent report, in the capacity of the key UN role. Building off the findings of her predecessors she, in addition to viewing Israel as an apartheid state, stresses how—central to understanding its criminal subjugation of the Palestinian people—Israel is deeply invested in a settler-colonial project that involves the large-scale destruction of Palestinian life.

As in her report, Albanese here reminds listeners that countries internationally have a legal obligation to both help end and hold Israel accountable, rather than—as has been the case for decades—allow it to enjoy impunity.

Salvatori and Albanese also discuss the sensitive but important topic of the right of resistance and the extent to which Palestinians, enduring brutal Israeli occupation, are entitled t exercise it—in accordance with international law.

Unlike much mainstream discussion this further illuminates how there is no “war” happening in Palestine but, through dehumanizing and violent means, an ongoing attempt by Israel to ethnically cleanse the nation. Listeners are here invited to think about and find ways of challenging the war myth, often perpetuated by corporate news media, while—in solidarity with Palestine—mobilizing others to fight against Israel’s protracted campaign to eliminate Palestine altogether.

“Palestine In Perspective” is a newly featured podcast on The Palestine Chronicle and a sub-series of the social justice and human rights-focused podcast, The Dark Room.

Through candid interviews and discussions with pro-Palestinian voices—from scholars and activists to artists and intellectuals—“Palestine In Perspective” illuminates key issues of Palestinian justice, resistance and the international struggle against Israeli apartheid. The show is hosted by Toronto-based writer, activist and musician Paul Salvatori.

(Thank you to Peter Restivo for the sound mixing of this episode.)

– Paul Salvatori is a Toronto-based journalist, community worker and artist. Much of his work on Palestine involves public education, such as through his recently created interview series, “Palestine in Perspective” (The Dark Room Podcast), where he speaks with writers, scholars and activists. He contributed this article to The Palestine Chronicle.

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