Documentary: ‘Steal of the Century’ (Part 2)

The documentary 'Steal of the Century' shows the brutality of the occupation under which the Palestinian people live. (Photo: Video Grab)

‘Steal Of The Century’ (Part 2) is a documentary by Robert Inlakesh, filmed on the ground in occupied Palestine, investigating the peace process, Donald Trump’s proposed ‘Deal of the Century’ and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it. It also seeks to show the brutality of the occupation under which the Palestinian people live, as well as a brief look into the history of Palestine-Israel.

Steal of the Century aims to provide the context leading up to Trump’s so-called peace plan, coupling together Palestinian voices with what International Law has to say about the issue. The documentary series is also built around the themes of the “final status issues”, as they are referred to, namely; borders, Jerusalem (al-Quds), Settlements and refugees. The focus is also placed on issues that fall under these categories.

Part 2 focuses on Bethlehem, the Gaza Strip, Refugees, Israeli Night Raids, Water Resources, and more. It features an interview with Sabreen Al-Najjar, the mother of Razan al-Najjar who was a 21-year-old nurse murdered by Israel during the Great Return March in 2018.

Cameraman: Hamde Abu Rahma
Editing and Graphics by: Dias Mussirov
Produced, Written and Directed by: Robert Inlakesh for Press TV
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