Dozens of Jewish Settlers March in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah (VIDEOS)

Extremist Jewish settlers, escorted by Israeli police, march in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem. (File Photo: via

Several Palestinians were injured by Israeli police during a settler march into the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem on Wednesday, including four attacked by pepper spray, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent society in Jerusalem.

Israeli police dispersed Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah’s main street Wednesday afternoon, to secure a march by Israeli settlers on the neighborhood, local residents told The New Arab.

According to Nabil al-Kurd, a resident of Sheikh Jarrah in his sixties, dozens of Israeli settlers came to the neighborhood around 5 pm and marched into the neighborhood’s center chanting anti-Palestinian slogans.

“Most of us got inside and shut the doors”, al-Kurd told The New Arab. “Every time settlers come in this fashion they attack houses. This time the Israeli police accompanied them and prevented them from doing that”, al-Kurd added.

Al-Kurd also told The New Arab that “the settlers were escorted out by the Israeli police after two hours of mobbing in the streets of Sheikh Jarrah. Then around 50 to 60 Israeli policemen came to the neighborhood and removed a tent of solidarity that we have set up in the center of the neighborhood”.

“While the Sheikh Jarrah story is garnering some attention even in mainstream US media, there is a near-complete absence of any depth to that coverage, namely the fact that Sheikh Jarrah is not the exception but the norm,” Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud wrote in a recent article.

“Sadly, as Palestinians and their supporters try to circumvent widespread media censorship by reaching out directly to civil societies across the world using social media platforms, they are often censored there, as well,” Baroud added.

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