GAZA LIVE BLOG: Mass Evacuation in Al-Shifa Underway | New Israeli Massacre at UNRWA-Run School | Five Killed in Israeli Raid on Balata – DAY 43

Gaza reels under new massacres carried out by the Israeli army. (Photo: Waleed Musleh, via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Thousands of Palestinians, including nearly 650 patients, some in critical condition, were ordered to evacuate the Al-Shifa medical complex in Gaza City .

Meanwhile, scores of Palestinians were killed overnight in Israeli attacks on residential homes in the Gaza Strip. The Indonesian hospital has alone reported that it had received 63 bodies.

In the West Bank, the Israeli army killed 5 Palestinians in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, and another in Tubas.

Meanwhile, the Resistance continues ..

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Sunday, November 19, 1:00 am (GMT+3)

FINANCIAL TIMES: Israel borrowed $6 billion in recent weeks to finance its war on the Strip, and was forced to pay unusually high interest rates to complete the borrowing process.

ISRAELI ARMY SPOKESMAN DANIEL HAGARI: 58 Israeli soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the ground operation in Gaza.

NBC (QUOTING US OFFICIALS): No option is off the table to recover the hostages. Tactical plans to recover hostages can be implemented with a reasonable level of risk.

Saturday, November 18, 11:30 pm (GMT+3)

IRANIAN FM: The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the brutal crime committed by the Israeli occupation in the Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar schools.

PA PRESIDENT MAHMOUD ABBAS: Abbas called on Biden to intervene immediately to stop the genocide in Gaza.

PALESTINIAN SHEHAB AGENCY: An Israeli artillery shell targeted the children’s department at Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip.

WHO DIRECTOR: The organization led a UN assessment mission to Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

AL-JAZEERA: The number of martyrs as a result of an Israeli bombing of a house in the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip had risen to 15 martyrs.

BIDEN: The future we are working towards in the Middle East has no place for Hamas’ violence and hatred.

Saturday, November 18, 10:30 pm (GMT+3)

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Fierce clashes are taking place between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation forces west of Jabalia camp, and that the Al-Qassam Brigades are repelling an attempt to advance the occupation forces at this time.

BIDEN: The Palestinian Authority should govern the West Bank and Gaza.

GANTZ: I support everyone who leads the war.

Saturday, November 18, 9:30 pm (GMT+3)

GALLANT: We have moved to the second phase of the ground operation in Gaza.

NETANYAHU: We are under international pressure and there is currently no prisoner exchange deal.

AL-JAZEERA: Five Palestinians were killed and several others wounded in an Israeli bombing of a house in the center of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

BELGIAN FM CAROLINE GUENEZ: Belgian Foreign Minister Caroline Guenez said that her country’s position is clear that there must be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the release of Israeli prisoners.

UNICEF: The attacks on Gaza schools are horrific.

Saturday, November 18, 7:30 pm (GMT+3)

NYT (QUOTING US OFFICIALS): It is not clear whether the Israeli strategy to eliminate Hamas is successful.

AL-AQSA CHANNEL: Israeli occupation aircraft destroyed a new residential block at the Al-Hojja juncture in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, causing a large number of dead and wounded.


– By the end of the war, Hamas will be destroyed and Israel will withdraw from Gaza
– Israel does not yet have a clear vision of the future of Gaza
– We are open to any political solution that allows Israel to cut the cord with Gaza.
– We expected the ground attack to continue for 3 months. If it continued longer, the economy would collapse.
– An intense debate has reached a dead end over the timing of withdrawing some reserve soldiers to revive the economy.
– We expect small brigades to be formed to attack the fighters when they emerge from the tunnels.
– We realize that failure to take into account humanitarian issues will harm our relationship with Washington, Europe, and the Arabs.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a house in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned and denounced in the strongest terms the “blatant” Israeli occupation bombing of the UNRWA Al-Fakhoura School in the Gaza Strip.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We targeted with mortar shells the occupation forces in Gaza.

ISRAELI DEFENSE MINISTER: We inflicted heavy costs on Hezbollah

Saturday, November 18, 7:30 pm (GMT+3)

GAZA GOVERNMENT OFFICE: According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel has, thus far, killed 12,300 Palestinians, including over 5,000 children and over 3,300 women.

ISRAELI ARMY: Six officers and soldiers were killed in Gaza on Saturday.

GAZA GOVERNMENT OFFICE: The Palestinian government in Gaza said the following in its daily press conference:

– Over 30,000 Palestinians were wounded since the beginning of the war on October 7

– The number of those killed or wounded in the Israeli massacre in Al-Fakhoura school has reached 200

– 60% of all residential units and homes throughout the Gaza Strip were fully or partially destroyed

– Israel has removed more than 500 sick or wounded from the Al-Shifa Hospital

– The Israeli army turned Al-Shifa into a military base.

– International organizations are responsible for the failure to protect Al-Shifa Hospital. We demand the opening of the Rafah Crossing with Egypt to allow for critical medical and fuel supplies.

Saturday, November 18, 6:20 pm (GMT+3)

ABU OBEIDA: We have lost contact with groups charged with protecting prisoners.

UNICEF: The horrific Israeli attacks on shelters in Gaza must stop.

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: Six more ambulances in Gaza are currently out of service due to running out of fuel.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army announced the expansion of the ground operation in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood and the Jabaliya area in northern Gaza.

UNRWA COMMISSIONER GENERAL PHILIPPE LAZZARINI: The bombing of schools in Gaza must stop immediately.

Saturday, November 18, 5:30 pm (GMT+3)

DIRECTOR OF GAZA HOSPITALS: Today’s massacres will result in a thousand martyrs. There is no hospital functioning in Gaza City now.

AL-JAZEERA: 64 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raids on inhabited homes in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, since dawn today.

AL-QASSAM: We bombed Tel Aviv in response to Israeli massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Saturday, November 18, 5:00 pm (GMT+3)

EGYPT: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ bombing of Al-Fakhoura School, affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

JORDAN: Jordan condemns the Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar massacres.


What happened in the Gaza Strip would not have happened without US President Joe Biden, his administration, and international silence.

The food supplies that enter Gaza do not meet more than 10% of the Strip’s needs, and the occupation continues its policy of starvation against children and defenseless civilians.

Our people have not and will not accept guardianship from anyone and will decide their own fate. We will not leave our land, no matter how terroristic the occupier is.

We stand as an impenetrable barrier against the occupation’s plans.

Saturday, November 18, 4:15 pm (GMT+3)

UNRWA: the amount of fuel that entered the Gaza Strip today, after weeks of delay, is very limited.

AL-JAZEERA: 15 people were killed in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house west of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: 32 people from one family, including 19 children, were killed in an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the Jabalia camp.

AL-JAZEERA: Erdogan calls for inspection of Israel’s nuclear weapons.

HAMAS: We will hold Israel accountable for the Al-Fakhoura massacre.

AL-JAZEERA: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi renewed his country’s rejection of displacing Palestinians internally or outside their lands, especially to Sinai. This came during Sisi’s meeting with the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

Saturday, November 18, 2:55 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Palestinian Journalist Imad Zaqout told Al Jazeera that about 200 were killed in a new massacre at Al Fakhoura, in Jabalia, north of Gaza.

Saturday, November 18, 2:oo pm (GMT+3)

PALESTINIAN HEALTH MINISTER MAI AL-KAILA: Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kaila, called for allowing premature babies to be transferred from Al-Shifa Medical Complex to hospitals in the West Bank or Egypt.

AL-JAZEERA: The Israeli Army committed a massacre at Al Fakhoura School in the northern Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sound in Upper Galilee.

AL-SHIFA HOSPITAL DIRECTOR: According to the Director of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, more than 500 hundred patients, including 300 wounded, are still inside the hospital. If patients remain in the hospital, they will die.

AL-JAZEERA: The Israeli occupation launched a raid on an inhabited house in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip. Four bodies were recovered from underneath the rubble of the house.

Saturday, November 18, 12:40 pm (GMT+3)

DIRECTOR OF GAZA HOSPITALS: The Israeli occupation army expelled the wounded from the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

Saturday, November 18, 10:00 am (GMT+3)


We left the Al-Shifa complex to the south and the scenes are tragic.

5 doctors are still in the complex to supervise the process of coordinating the exit of the wounded.

Until now, we have walked two kilometers and the area is completely destroyed.

The premature babies are still in the hospital, and we are in contact with the Red Cross about them.

Israeli soldiers were walking around inside the hospital and their snipers were deployed.

EMERGENCY SUPERVISOR AT AL-SHIFA: Not everyone was able to leave the hospital. The displaced were told to head to Al Wahda Street, and many children and adults were unable to continue walking.

Saturday, November 18, 10:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sound in Shtoula, Western Galilee.

HAMAS: Hamas mourned the acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Bahr, who was martyred yesterday, Friday, as a result of his wounds as a result of an Israeli bombing.

AL-JAZEERA: A bombing targeted a house in Khuza’a, east of Khan Yunis.

UNRWA: The fuel shipment scheduled for Gaza is not sufficient.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: Our fighters targeted 7 Israeli military vehicles in separate operations in Tal Al-Hawa and Al-Sabra, southwest of Gaza City.

US MIDDLE EAST ENVOY BRETT MCGURK: We reject the displacement of the people of Gaza.

Saturday, November 18, 9:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: The death toll in the occupied West Bank has risen to 212 since October 7.

HEAD OF ORTHOPEDIC UNIT AT AL-SHIFA: We will only leave with the patients.

AL-JAZEERA: 63 bodies arrived at the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip since dawn on Saturday.

AL-JAZEERA: Six Palestinians were killed and others were wounded in an Israeli raid that targeted a house in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

GAZA INTERIOR MINISTRY: A number of bodies arrived to hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip as a result of massacres committed by the Israeli artillery.

AL-JAZEERA (CITING MEDICAL SOURCE): The Israeli occupation army gave doctors, patients and displaced people to evacuate the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza within an hour.

AL-JAZEERA: The “Stop the War” coalition in Britain is planning a national movement day in solidarity with the Palestinian people today, Saturday, through more than 100 marches across the country instead of organizing a large march in London as happened in recent weeks.

Saturday, November 18, 8:00 am (GMT+3)

HEZBOLLAH: Lebanese Hezbollah announced that its fighters shot down an Israeli military drone with a surface-to-air missile at dawn on Saturday.

Saturday, November 18, 7:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Five Palestinians were killed in an Israeli drone bombing of the Fatah movement’s headquarters in the center of Balata Camp at dawn on Saturday.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli forces continue their raids into Balata camp.

AL-JAZEERA: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei called for an immediate humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip leading to a permanent ceasefire.

Saturday, November 18, 6:00 am (GMT+3)

THE DETROIT: Demonstrators storm the administration building at the University of Michigan in support of Gaza.

Saturday, November 18, 5:00 am (GMT+3)

WHO DIRECTOR: What is happening in Gaza is a crisis for all of humanity.

AL-JAZEERA: Several Palestinians were killed and others wounded in an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli warplanes targeted the Grand Mosque in the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Saturday, November 18, 4:00 am (GMT+3)

WORLD FOOD PROGRAM: Gaza is facing famine and all bakeries in the Strip have stopped.

Why Did Israel Bomb the Electric Bakery of Nuseirat, Killing Three Workers? – PHOTOS

MOROCCAN AUTHORITY FOR SUPPORTING THE NATION’S ISSUE: More than 130 demonstrations in support of Gaza on Friday.

ISRAELI ARMY: “After a state of alert in the north of the country, air defense fighters succeeded in intercepting a surface-to-air missile that was launched from Lebanese territory at an Israeli army drone.”

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT SOCIETY: One killed, three injured by Israeli Army gunfire in Tubas.

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