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People in Gaza try to reclaim a degree of normalcy amid the mass destruction created by Israel. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza: Death Toll: Over 15,000 Palestinians, including over 6,150 children. Wounded: 36,000.

Government Media Office in Gaza: The Israeli attacks left 88 mosques fully destroyed, and 174 others partially damaged. Three churches were targeted. Nearly 50 percent of all residential homes in Gaza were destroyed.

Human Rights Watch: At least 300 schools have been damaged and 183 teachers killed.

World Health Organization: “At least 553 people have been killed in 178 attacks on medical facilities in Gaza between October 7 and November 21, and the majority of hospitals in Gaza are no longer functional.”

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Thursday, November 30, 08:05 am (GMT+3)

ISRAELI MEDIA: Six Israelis injured at a bus station in the settlement suburb of Ramot and killing of the gunmen. Israeli media broadcast initial footage of the shooting in Jerusalem. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the operation.

QATARI FOREIGN MINISTRY: Qatar confirms the extension of the truce between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas until Friday morning. Both Hamas and Israel confirmed the news regarding the extension.

Thursday, November 30, 02:45 am (GMT+3)

WASHINGTON: US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has confirmed to several US senators that the White House is not seeking to place conditions on US military assistance to Israel. His comments came days after President Joe Biden indicated he was open to discussing the idea of placing conditions on the types of military aid to Israel and how to use it after pressure from Democratic lawmakers.

‘Extremely Unpleasant Fact’: Russia’s UN Diplomats Lash out at US, West, Israel

Thursday, November 30, 02:10 am (GMT+3)

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israel releases 30 Palestinian detainees as part of the sixth prisoner exchange.

‘We Are the Murabitat’: Who is Hanadi Halawani, Just Released from Israeli Prison

Thursday, November 30, 12:45 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Tel Aviv, on his third visit to the region since the Al-Aqsa Flood operation on October 7, to discuss extending the truce with the Palestinian Resistance.

Thursday, November 30, 12:30 am (GMT+3)


Hamas suggested a new prisoner exchange deal with Israel that includes several stages.

KAN quoted an Israeli official as saying that Tel Aviv responded by saying, “Hamas must first release the 21 women and four children still detained by it, before discussing the new agreement.”

Hamas denies that it has more women after the release of the sixth batch yesterday evening.

HAMAS SOURCES: The movement has divided the remaining Israeli captives and prisoners into categories, which include older male prisoners, civilian males, female military personnel, military reserve male soldiers, and active military personnel.

Wednesday, November 29, 11:15 pm (GMT+3)

HAMAS: Top Hamas official Basem Naim said that the movement is willing to exchange all captured Israeli soldiers with all Palestinian prisoners.


Biden told Netanyahu that Israel’s operations in northern Gaza cannot be repeated in the south.

Netanyahu tells Biden Israel is ready to launch an operation in southern Gaza to destroy Hamas.

Wednesday, November 29, 11:15 pm (GMT+3)

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: We have received ten Israeli hostages and four Thai workers who have been delivered through the Red Cross.

QATAR FM: Spokesman for the Qatar’s Foreign Ministry, Majed al-Ansari said that 30 Palestinians – 16 children and 14 women – will be released by Israel soon in exchange for ten Israelis who were released earlier by Al-Qassam Brigades.

HAMAS TOP OFFICIAL OSAMA HAMDAN TO AL-MAYADEEN: Efforts to extend the truce have not yet matured. What has been presented to us so far to extend the truce is not worthy of consideration.

WASHINGTON POST (QUOTING US OFFICIAL): Israel cannot do in the southern Gaza Strip what it did in the northern Gaza Strip, stressing that Washington was clear with Israel about avoiding a large displacement during a military operation in southern Gaza.

ISRAELI CHANNEL 12: The Israeli War Council began a meeting at this hour to discuss the possibility of extending the temporary truce for another two days.

MARK REGEV, NETANYAHU ADVISOR, TO CNN: Israel does not need a new prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, and what it needs is an extension of the truce for a day or two.

ISRAELI CHANNEL 12: The release of the sixth batch of Palestinian prisoners as part of the exchange deal with Hamas is proceeding slowly but will take place.

Wednesday, November 29, 10:15 pm (GMT+3)

POLITICO (QUOTING US OFFICIALS): President Joe Biden will not impose any restrictions on US military aid to Israel.

NEW YORK TIMES: US national security officials fear that a miscalculation between Washington and Tehran will lead to a regional conflict.

Wednesday, November 29, 9:40 pm (GMT+3)

COMMANDER OF US FIFTH FLEET: An Iranian drone flew near an American aircraft carrier.

BLOOMBERG: Qatari and American pressure to extend the truce in Gaza.

ISRAELI PRISON SERVICE: Israel began the process of releasing Palestinian prisoners as part of the sixth batch of the exchange deal between Hamas and Israel.

ISRAELI ARMY SPOKESMAN: The Israeli army is ready to continue the battle.

PENTAGON: A Pentagon official told Al Jazeera that an American warship shot down a march that set off towards Israel from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen.

Wednesday, November 29, 8:50 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation forces stormed the homes of families of Palestinian prisoners in Jerusalem.

AL-JAZEERA: There are preparations in the vicinity of the Israeli Ofer Prison in preparation for the start of the release of Palestinian prisoners as part of the sixth batch of the exchange deal.

AL-JAZEERA: The Red Cross handed over two Russian detainees to Egypt.

TURKISH FM AT UNSC: Israel’s attacks in Gaza amount to war crimes

Wednesday, November 29, 6:30 pm (GMT+3)

JORDAN AT UNSC: There are those who justify Israeli aggression as self-defense. Israel used the silence of the UNSC to cover up its crimes.

SAUDI FM AT UNSC: Pretexts of self-defense are unacceptable.

EGYPT AT UNSC: The policy of forced displacement in Gaza remains a target of Israel. We warn of the impact of the displacement of Palestinians on peace in the entire region.

QATAR AT UNSC: Attempts to get rid of the Palestinian people are doomed to failure.

RUSSIA AT UNSC: The West deals with the Palestinians as second-class citizens.

FRANCE AT UNSC: We support Israel’s right to defend itself under international law.

WHO: There is a high risk of epidemic diseases in Gaza.

ISRAELI ARMY: Israel’s Chief of Staff approved military plans to continue the ground maneuver in Gaza.

CNN (QUOTING INFORMED SOURCE): Hamas is expected to release an American detainee today.

Wednesday, November 29, 6:30 pm (GMT+3)

ISRAELI CHANNEL 12: The release of the sixth batch of Israeli detainees has begun.

AL-JAZEERA: The bodies of two Palestinians were recovered this afternoon near the Public Security Zone north of Gaza City.

US ENVOY TO UNSC: The two-state solution is the only guarantor that stops the cycle of violence once and for all.

HAMAS: Israel’s execution of two children in Jenin is a horrific crime.

SAUDI FM TO UNSC: We want a ceasefire in Gaza. The international community must stop the killing and blockade and provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

CHINA: Resuming fighting again in Gaza will lead to a catastrophe.

WSJ (QUOTING ISRAELI OFFICIAL): The truce may extend beyond this week. Israel is not ready for a new round of negotiations until all women and children are released.

Wednesday, November 29, 5:40 pm (GMT+3)

AL-QASSAM: We released two Russian detainees in response to the request of the Russian leadership.

PALESTINIAN FM AT UNSC MEETING: The ongoing truce must become a ceasefire, and the massacres in Gaza must end.

REUTERS: Reuters quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying that releasing more women and children hostage is the only way to extend the truce.

UN SECRETARY-GENERAL GUTERRES: The health conditions in Gaza’s shelters are terrifying.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: Three Israeli captives were killed in a previous Israeli bombing.

KAN: The Israeli company ZIM will divert from the Suez Canal due to the situation in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

Wednesday, November 29, 4:35 pm (GMT+3)

CNN: Qatar is ‘very optimistic’ an extension to the ceasefire will be announced soon.

Wednesday, November 29, 4:00 pm (GMT+3)

ISRAELI ARMY: A joint statement by the Israeli occupation army and the Shin Bet service stated that “two prominent commanders were assassinated in the Jenin camp.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We engaged in confrontations with the occupation in Jenin and inflicted great losses on them.

Wednesday, November 29, 2:30 pm (GMT+3)

PALESTINIAN HEALTH MINISTRY: Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinian children in Jenin.

BLINKEN: We will focus on making efforts to extend the truce.

ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN: We are committed to recovering all hostages and missing persons. 86 hostages have been released so far, including 66 Israelis. We prepared a list of 50 Palestinian prisoners to be released.

Wednesday, November 29, 1:30 pm (GMT+3)

PRISONERS’ AFFAIRS AUTHORITY: Israeli arrested 35 Palestinians within 24 hours

UNRWA: We need to open several crossings to avoid a disaster.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli military vehicles are firing at various areas northwest of Gaza City.

Wednesday, November 29, 11:30 am (GMT+3)

TURKISH PRESIDENT ERDOGAN: The situation in Gaza amounts to genocide.

POPE FRANCIS: The Pope called for the continuation of the truce in the Gaza Strip, the release of all hostages, and the entry of humanitarian aid.

IRANIAN SUPREME LEADER: “The Palestinian people will determine the fate of the country and who will remain in the Palestinian territories.”

GAZA MUNICIPALITY: Israeli airstrikes destroyed the central archive building and executed thousands of historical documents dating back more than 100 years.

UNRWA: Gaza has turned into a ghost town.

DIRECTOR GENERAL OF GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: The occupation still prevents fuel from entering hospitals and destroyed medical devices in Gaza’s hospitals.

AL-JAZEERA: The Israeli occupation army blew up two houses in the Al-Damj neighborhood in the Jenin camp after they were evacuated while the storming of the camp continued.

Wednesday, November 29, 10:00 am (GMT+3)

DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF HOSPITALS IN GAZA: Field hospitals coming to Gaza have not entered service, despite the urgent need for them.

AL-JAZEERA: Two Palestinians were injured by bullets from the occupation forces in the town of Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip.

EU COMMISSION PRESIDENT VAN DER LEYEN: The two-state solution has become possible.

Wednesday, November 29, 9:00 am (GMT+3)

WHO: 1.3 million people live in shelters in Gaza.

CNN: Officials from Tel Aviv, Washington, Doha, and Cairo agreed to work to extend the truce to release more detainees.

AL-JAZEERA: Renewed clashes and exchanges of fire were reported in the city of Jenin and its camp amid the flight of reconnaissance aircraft.

Wednesday, November 29, 8:00 am (GMT+3)

KAN: The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that there are efforts in Israel to extend the ceasefire after the end of the additional two days of the truce.

Wednesday, November 29, 7:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli gunboats targeted the coast of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, at dawn on Wednesday with a number of shells.

WORLD FOOD PROGRAM: Gaza residents face the threat of famine.

Wednesday, November 29, 6:00 am (GMT+3)

ISRAELI MEDIA: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed on Wednesday that it had received a new list of detainees in the Gaza Strip for release.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation forces surrounded a house in the town of Yamoun, west of Jenin, and demanded that those inside it surrender themselves.

FORMER ISRAELI PM EHUD BARAK: Netanyahu must step down, and his government is leading us to war without end.

BEN-GVIR: Ben Gvir calls for withdrawing Israeli citizenship from “disloyal” football players.

Wednesday, November 29, 5:00 am (GMT+3)

RUSSIA: American policy has a destructive role in the Palestinian-Israeli escalation.

WAFA. Israeli occupation forces storm the Aqabat Jabr and Ain Sultan camps in Jericho

Wednesday, November 29, 4:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli army storms the Askar camp in Nablus and confrontations occur in Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem.

HAMAS: Hamas calls for demonstrations on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Wednesday, November 29, 3:00 am (GMT+3)

G7 FMs: The G7 foreign ministers said in a joint statement that they support extending the current and future truce in Gaza if necessary, to increase aid and facilitate the release of all detainees and prisoners.

Wednesday, November 29, 2:00 am (GMT+3)

PRISONERS’ RIGHTS GROUPS: Israel carried out 3,290 arrests since October 7.

HAMAS: Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas called on journalists and media agencies to intensify their presence in the Gaza Strip to inspect the extent of the destruction that has befallen the Strip as a result of the Israeli occupation’s aggression since the seventh of last October.

Wednesday, November 29, 1:00 am (GMT+3)

WHITE HOUSE: US officials see no indications that Al-Qassam Brigades are refusing to release US hostages in Gaza to use it as pressure on Washington or as leverage.

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