Gaza Prepares for the Coronavirus (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERY)

Ordinary Palestinians in the Gaza Strip trying to contain the spread of coronavirus. (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud, supplied)

By Fawzi Mahmoud

The besieged Gaza Strip is one of the most vulnerable spots on Earth to the spread of Coronavirus, due to the prolonged Israeli military siege on the small region.

In a recent editorial, the Palestine Chronicle editor Ramzy Baroud wrote:

“The truth is, no amount of ‘preparedness’ in Gaza – or, frankly, anywhere in occupied Palestine – can stop the spread of the Coronavirus. What is needed is a fundamental and structural change that would emancipate the Palestinian healthcare system from the horrific impact of the Israeli occupation and the Israeli government’s policies of perpetual siege and politically-imposed ‘quarantines’ – also known as apartheid.”

Below is a photo gallery by Fawzy Mahmoud, a Gaza-based photojournalist, that demonstrates a degree of preparedness among ordinary Palestinians in the Strip to contain the spread of coronavirus.


(All Photos are by Gaza-based photojournalist, Fawzi Mahmoud)

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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