‘Horrific Massacres’ in Gaza as Israel Cuts off All Communications with Besieged Strip

Gaza reel under new massacres carried out by the Israeli army. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

A medical source announced the arrival of 300 Palestinians, between dead and wounded, to the Shifa Hospital alone.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces committed ‘horrific and unprecedented massacres’ in the Gaza Strip, Al-Jazeera reported, citing health ministry officials and other sources. 

The shelling of the vicinity of hospitals and residential areas, took place in conjunction with cutting off the internet and other forms of communication in the Gaza Strip for the third time since the beginning of the Israeli war.

Massacres in Central Gaza

Gaza’s Health Ministry said heavy Israeli shelling had left behind massacres in the central enclave, AJA reported. 

A medical source announced the arrival of 300 Palestinians, between dead and wounded, to the Shifa Hospital alone.

Al-Jazeera’s correspondent said the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza received 15 Palestinians killed and dozens of wounded.

The Gaza authorities announced that the Strip was subjected to intensive Israeli bombardment in the vicinity of all hospitals, including the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, west of Gaza City.

It added that the Israeli occupation army began implementing its threat against hospitals in the Gaza Strip, explaining that all Israeli raids in recent hours targeted the vicinity of hospitals.

Within a short period of time, the Israeli occupation had launched more than 100 raids, including the throwing of flares, in conjunction with violent explosions in central Gaza and relentless shelling in the north.

Loud Explosions

Agence France-Presse reported that Israel on Sunday evening cut internet lines and telephone communications in the Gaza Strip, for the third time since the war on Gaza began a month ago.

AFP’s correspondent reported that the explosions were so loud that he could hear it from Rafah in the far south of the Strip.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said, “we have lost contact with all our teams working in Gaza.”

AJA correspondent reported heavy shelling on the northern outskirts of the Shati (Beach) camp and northeast and south of Gaza City. 

He reported that fires broke out northwest of Gaza City after the Israeli occupation bombarded the area with artillery shells and phosphorus bombs.

The death toll produced daily by the Gaza Ministry of Health does not include the hundreds of new deaths on Sunday. 

According to earlier estimates, however, Israel has killed over 9,770 Palestinians in Gaza, including 4,800 children, and wounded more than 25,000. 

Palestinian Ministry of Health reports and international organizations say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.

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